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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tremendous Thursday

Yep, that's right, it keeps getting better! Hard to believe isn't it?
It seems that Thursday has become one of my favorite days. Even though I get up at 445AM(remember I am still in counseling over the morning thing) the day turns out to be a blast. At 5am I meet up with 3 others(and growing) for a short morning run to get the day started. The people who run are great supporters of the run club that I am getting started in March, they are hard core and will bring many more out once the temperature gets reasonable. The run is a moderate pace which suits me well as a way to wake myself up. We finish our run at the Yoga studio owned by one of the girls who runs with us. We then do our morning Yoga practice to put the upcoming day in perspective. The hour for me is therapy! Not only from a physical manner, but mentally it is very productive. It has helped me to coach my body and mind out of those holes I can get into when training sometimes. I have also developed an ability to modify my breathing when the going gets tough. With a little focus and a lot of belief the tough moments have become a moment in a workout rather than an event.
Thursday is great because of the overall intensity and number of workouts. As well as the 2 to start the day, swimming is a Thursday thing. The workout was a high intensity workout with very little rest time, it was a push and keep form workout day. With my workout from Wednesday my arms were sore making the swim an even better challenge. As I pushed through the timed lengths, I found myself getting tired on the 10-12 timed 100m. I was doing most at about 146 and slowed to 150 towards the end. Overall I was very satisfied with the workout. With a hard push I was still mostly able to hold form to the end of the workout. It was on the short side at 2300m but quick at around 42 min total including short rests. The workouts I have done focusing on technique pay off in a big way, I will continue them all the way to the start line.
On another note of interest is the timing to the start. It seems insignificant at 217 days but it was 300 in what seemed to be last night. As it approaches I decided to count down to see when I start my official training. WOW, not until the end of March. Lots of fun between now and then. I am looking forward to continuing and adding to this journey, hope you are liking yours as well!
Cheers and Happy Friday!

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