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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The fun in turning it up a notch!

Today was another one workout day!  But, it was one good workout!  I spent my time at the pool today doing a time trial type of workout.
I have been finding that my swim practices are only getting better as I contniue to move forward.  Having focused on drills as well as distance seems to be having strong postive affect overall.  Only a few weeks ago doing 145 for 100m was a lucky break, today it was the norm.  As I do my workouts in teh water I have put a new focus on time in order to have a benchmark to strive from.  The timing tool has proven totallt effective at improvements.  As well as time, I am using a perceived effort scale, only I can figure that one out.  As I go through my practive I push myself to get into the perceived area that I have planned for that day.  Overall, teh days of splashing in the pool are now over.  I am spending the time pushing myself to get to new levels and to do it with form that is to be followed from beginning to end of a practice.  I am looking forward to warmer days when I can bring it all back into the water of a lake and see how the winter has paid off.  While at teh pool today I ran into who was just about to start his practice.  I must say that he has served as an inspiration and made me push myself to this point.  I am looking forward to seeing his result from China after his hard winter work! 
Now thatI have found a groove in teh water I am planning on bringing onto land!  As the weather begins to change I am going to take the same technical approach to running and biking to produce some results on those fronts.  I know as I push myself with the same commitment and intensity I am going to get results, and I am looking forward to the challenge.  The next few months are going to be a huge lesson.  I plan on diggin and finding out waht I am made of and seeing how pushing myself to new places will make me grew all round.  Running a marathon was something I took on as a bet, it was one of those things that I did to prove to someine else not bo ever underestimate me!  And it was fun!  This IM challenge is one that I have made with myself.  I dont know what the wager is, but I certainly can pitcure myself at teh end of the day on September 12th enjoying it! 
As the real challenge to this trip is about to start I want to thank my friends and people who are going to put up with me for the next 7 months.  Hopefull not being around will make it easy on them.  Mostly I want to thank my wife for supporting me on this trip!  She has already been a huge support and I cant appreciate her enough for it!  And, thansk to all of you who are out there in blog land!  Your stories, training, persistence and motivation make this journey even more fun than I thought!  I hope you are having the fun thatI am and we can all compare notes as this crazy adventure rolls along!
Cheers and Happy Tuesday!  I added this random photo, It makes me laugh when I see some of the ridiculous faces we make when focused ona  sport!


  1. Congrats on the swimming improvements. Isn't it great to see the hard work paying off?! Can't wait to see what else is in store for you.

  2. Like your thought process on perceived effort and completing a training session with such from start to finish...I was thinking the same thing today in the pool. Is that you in the photo? great position on the outside ski inside edge the power looks loaded! lol

  3. Nice going!
    I hope to get my swimming skills on a par with that soon, just a few months ago I couldn't swim, so that is my biggest challenge at the moment.

  4. J, your swim has improved 1000%. You looked amazing. I wish I could have watched you more. It was poetry in motion.


  5. Great picture! Perfect, really. Yep, you're going to need all those peoples support, that's fo sho. Make sure the time you have with them is well spent - pay someone to mow a lawn or clean a house - it will be well worth the few hours you gained to do something with friends and family...because the only other thing you'll be doin' is swim/bike/run!