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Monday, February 8, 2010

Start the week off Right!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, the kind of day that is awesome for running!  Hmmm?  Seems I needed to do that today, what an awesome coincidence!
After running around like a crazy man all day for work, I was able to pack it up early to get home for a run.  I had the timing all figured out, as I had to be done for 5PM to go to a friends 60th bday party.  The day worked out all  good!
When I got my gear on to head out, the temperature was -1C with a decent wind.  Thank you to Missy, for the dermatone suggestion.  I gooped it on my face to be comfortable from the wind and headed out the door.  It was awesome.  Bright sunny sky running is so good for the soul.  Yes, most of my runs are done at night, so this was good!  I find running in the daylight so much more pleasurable and as a result a lot easier to move along.  My run today was a LSD'ish run so I was out for the pleasure not to set any land speed records. I moved along comfortably for the whole run not stressing about my pace a lot.  Although trying not to stress, wearing a GARMIN is one of the most distracting counterproductive tools you can have.  I find myself compulsively checking it every 2-3 minutes even though I am doing nothing about it! It is a necessary evil and I need to learn to use it without obsessing.
Back to the sunny run.  As I ran today there were several people running as I crossed through neighbourhoods.  I tend to be a very friendly runner, waving at people and saying hello!  Here is the deal people, if you have to work to ignore others, go run down the side of the highway where there is no one to have to avoid being friendly to.  I guess it might be a pet peeve of mine.  Be friendly or wave or do something, but dont put so much effort into ignoring others.  And, if you are to tired to wave while you are running at that pace, go and sign up for a clinic before it kills you!
With Monday and one run past, I am now 1 day closer to the start line.  As each day passes I am getting more excited with the anticipation of starting my program and even more so for the start line.  It does freek me out a little as well!   I suppose the things that freek me out is what I tend to gravitate to, the IM is no exception!  This is going to be one cool journey with one awesome reward at the end of it!  How do you feel a about your journey to the start line? Does it make you nervous?  Please share with me some of the thoughts and apprehensions you have felt along your journey!
CHeers to all and I look forward to your feedback!


  1. J, maybe they looked at you and you scared them. haha.

    Just kidding, it's happened to me, runners and ESPECIALLY cyclists. There not "LIVING THE DREAM"!!!!

  2. Good for you to run in the cold....DERMATONE is a life saver on those bitter cold runs.

  3. For all the winters I've lived here in Canada I have never heard about dermatone??? I just had to run out and buy a new neck warmer at the Running Room over the weekend.

    I've done 3 IM's now and all I can say is the journey towards your IM goal is magical. Hard to sum up in words as it is more a mixed bag of emotions which really makes you take a look at your life.

    Looking forward to following along yours through your blog.

  4. Dermatone is the nice version of Vaseline that I used on exposed skin before the new discovery! it is less greasy and offensive when you sweat! Shannon, thanks, so far the journey has been a blast....I cant wait to get into it hard core as I know it will be a 'trip'!

  5. Dermatone, I'll see if I can find some here. Normally I default to Nivea Extreme handcream, but it is expensive.

    I hate runners who do that, what is their deal? It hardly takes any energy to yell 'Hi' or wave and smile.
    Cyclists are worse, but I get my own back and don't tell them about the Haut Folin ascent just around the corner...hehehe. (Yes the Tour went right passed our gate a few years ago, and we have had cyclists doing the route ever since. Most of them walk that ascent.)