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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Living the Dream!

Some days I wish I had a photographic memory that I could later share with others or look back at and convey in words.  Today was one of those days that I would want to share to inspire others and to look back at when I am having a bad day to make me smile!
The morning started early with a 730AM start(not early for training, but early for work).  I volunteered today for a high school ski race for athletes from southern Ontario.  Doing this king of work involves moving a lot of equipment, being out in the cold for 4-5 hours straight with no break, setting a course that will be used by more than 200 athletes and most of all managing the expectation of all of the people involved.  It is a great event to be a part of as all of these athtletes are there for a reason.  Many of them to continue the quest towards being the best in the school, others the best in the region, others to be the next Olympian!  On the eve of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics it is awesome to be amongst enthusiastic young Canadians that represent the future of our country in sport and in the world!
It was a bit of a day of self discovery and looking back.  As I watched these skiers making their way down the hill they did it with absolute passion to prove to themselves what they are made of.  It was an effort that did not involve impressing friends, getting new sponsors, winning a world cup, it was an effort of pure passion for a sport that makes them smile.  When was the last time you smiled as you crossed a finish line or pushed yourself in a workout?  It reminded me that sometimes we take ourselves to damn seriously as we play this little game of triathlon!
These 'kids' went at it as hard as they could, some of them fell as they raced down, some came in 10th, one of them last, someone in first.....but they all loved what they were doing and supported each other along the way!   As I was watching them it reminded me what the athletes who will walk into a stadium tomorrow evening have gone through, where they started and why they do it!  I have a couple of friends who are at teh Olympics as athletes, some for the second time.  Although they are not both Canadians, they are over the top excited with the next 2 weeks.  They are at the top of their game and are about to show the world what the past few years of their lives has been about!  I hope that you will spend some time supporting your friends and coutrymen as they live their dream!
As I look back at today I have developed a parallel.  No I am not an Olympian and never will be, never a  champion triathlete, but I am in an awesome world allowing me to chase my dream and be my own champion in my race.  Like the athletes today, like the Olympians over the next weeks I have a chance to give my best and to prove to myself that I love what I do and chasing it  passionately will get me across the finish line.  Like the Olympians in Vancouver who I will watch over the next few weeks over the next 7 months I have my chance!  It is my turn to put it out there and 'Live the Dream'!
Good luck to all the athletes in Vancouver and may the 2010 Olympics meet every expectation they had and be a happy, safe and memorable event!


  1. Your life sounds so fun and inspiring, living the dream indeed! :)

    Enjoy the Olympics, personally my favourite is Biathlon, so I'll be trying to find out if French TV is showing it or not.

  2. i can't remember the last time i didn't smile after a workout. every single day, good workout or bad, is a blessing. your experiences will live on forever in your blog. your very vivid description paints a fascinating picture for all of us reading even if we weren't lucky enough to be there and experience it ourselves. Thanks!

  3. Good for you to help out the school kids, I bet many of them were fueled with Olympic dreams as they careened down the hill(s).

    Last Sunday I helped out a xcountry ski competition and the kids were pumped!!!