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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day of good things!

I guess the fact that it is Wednesday is in itself a good thing! we are 2 days from the weekend and satisfying my winter passion!  However, today was full of a lot of good things that made it move along with a smile.
I must say that looking at my countdown has now started to give me a little case of butterflies.  As the number approaches 200 days the reality of it seems to be becoming very real.  I know that as long as I continue along the path it will be an tremendous and complete accomplishment, but the reality still freaks me a bit.  All the 'training' I have been doing ot date is kind of fun and fluffy stuff, I am about to start teh real thing.  Put my skis away, tie on my shoes, strap my bike seat to my butt and put on my goggles for the next few months!  It is going to be a great journey and I look forward to reading my blog in 7-8 months and appreciating the babble I have been putting down here as I ride the road t Wisconsin.
Today was another light day(they all are kind of light right now), but it was one that saw me maintaining the new pace that I am moving at when running.  All my life I have run at a 5:30-5:45k pace.  As I run these shorter distances I am now more in the 5k pace.  it astonishes me how good it feels, and I am pleased that I have accomplished this without beginning to focus on technique and doing drills as yet.  I am loking forward to pushing my limits and seeing what I can out out there as I ramp up my running.  As I have a couple of early raod races, I am going to start to increase my miles now.  By this time in 2 weeks I want to be doing 20+ k long runs and adding some hills and technical stuff.  I will aslo get in some weights in order to build my strength and power!  It is all good to be starting down this road.  I have to say that when I am running I feel better and healthier than I have in 20 years and it is only going to improve if I stay logical about this jourmey!
As well as an awesome run today, I have learned that I am now part of Tem Running Free. This is a great as it helps to support my race efforts and also gives me a way to give back to the community by paritcating and helping out with the events that they plan.  I ordered my team gear tonight and will be sporting it before long.  As well as Running Free, Dermatone is going to support my training efforts.  If you have never tried their products before, you should do it now.  If you are training in the winter, it is a saviour fro the wind biting your face off.  They have a protector that is better than covering your face up, it serves as a wind block and is not greasy and dripping all over your face.  The lip balm they have will save you from your lips cracking for 2 days after being out in the cold as well.  As I seem to spend more than 50% of my free time outside it is great to use products that work and make the training experience both safer and clean.
Another good thing today.....Yep, there is more!  As I have said I am very keen to coach and help people reach goals.  Tomorrow evening I get to begin to exercise this passion with some new runners.  I have been asked to lead a run club for 2 of the local LULULEMON stores around town.  It is awesome to be associated with a store that has a great community feel and is all about supporting and providing opportunities to the people around them.  It is an opportunity to share with others the success that I have had following my practices and methods and ideally leading and motivating the participants to get up to the start line for a race of their own.  As I continue along this journey it is great to have the opportunity to live some of the things that I love to do.  My passion for skiing is fuelled by the time i have spent training an the improvements that I have made in my own results, then being able to share that with others as a coach and instructor.  Now I have the opportunity to do that with another sport that I love.  As I have said a number of times, 'Live for your Dreams'.  It makes the day go by and the next one far more exciting to arrive.  
Tomorrow will be an awesome day.  Some Yoga in the AM, a great swim practice in the afternoon, a long run tomorrow and then my run club to top it off.  Does that not sound like a way for the day to go by!  Have a great night and I hope that your training is going awesome!  Cheers!


  1. I've been enjoying yoga in the mornings as well. It's soooo nice. Enjoy tomorrow, it sounds like it will be GREAT!!

  2. The days will just fly by!

    I normally do yoga after bike training, it really helps with tight calves and quads.

  3. its funny because i feel like my 3-4 hr workouts a day now are long too. i can't imagine what this summer is going to bring. i say keep the skiis out as long as possible!