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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way to Go Canada!

And again I found myself stuck to the front of the television watching those crazy Olympics!  Canada seems to have a knack at getting results on snow!  Imagine that, a country that has 5 months of winter!  THAT IS AWESOME! 3 medals on snow in 3 days!  it makes me smile each time I think about those athletes reaching the top!  the years they have spent working towards the dream!  it brings me back to when I was a kid being out a -40  with my mother telling me it is time to come in.  I always refused wanting to be out there to get faster and get better!  These guys have lived the dream that we all worked towards as kids!  it makes me proud to be a cold Canadian!  I look forward to the games as they continue and we get into some of the other sports and seeing the competition heat up!  GO CANADA GO!
Amongst the Olympic excitement I had an awesome swim today.  Although a short 2000m workout, I did some new drills that were extremely effective.  As a matter of fact after only 250 meters of these drills I found myself being able to bilateral breathe with some ease.  As the practice went on I did have to go back to the drill to get back into the rhythm, but knowing how effective it was will be great to add it to each of my practices.  Once again, it was a favorite workout for me.  My speed is picking up, my technique is becoming a little easier than it has been.  Over the next few weeks I am going to begin to make my practices longer so that I can add some more endurance to my swim.
As I finished my swim today I thought back on my 'training' over the winter.  It has been a game of the id and the ego, ying and yang!  I spend all week passionately training and then I ski like crazy on the weekends.  I always feel like I should be running/bike/swim on the weekends but then.....hhmmmm, I feel the workout of my ski day.  Even as a passionate skier, I am looking forward to packing it in this year and focusing on the task at hand.  That is a funny statement for me to make, I kind of feel guilty for saying it.  I told a fiend today and he looked at me like I had done something wrong.  Being a 'skibum' makes it tough to want to hang them for a season, but this tri thing seems to have bitten me a little.  I hope that I can produce the same results over time as my investment in skiing has given me.  I guess only time will tell!
As Canada is now in the throws of a great hockey game, I am going to sign off and go and feed my Olympic addiction!  Enjoy the games!  GO CANADA GO!  Cheers!

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