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Friday, February 19, 2010

that was a long day! but good!

Today was the culmination of a season of planning and coordinating the Proffesional Training Series for ski instructors in Ontario.  One of those cross training days with a purpose. After 4 months and 8 events today represented the end of the season!  IN one breath I am saying WAHOO!  in the other I am kind of sad as I had a of fun planning, hiring staff and working with over 500 athletes over the winter season!  It was great as I had many people thank me for the training and for a job well done.  As it is a position that I volunteered for, it is great to receive recognition for it.  The day was also a perfect ski day, it was sunny and the conditions were impeccable, what a day!
The moguls today were out of this world.  they were so good, we packed up our gear and went back to the hill tonight to spend a couple more hours skiing them.  I have to day my legs are cooking, skiing bumps for 5-6 hours takes the gas out of my legs!  But,  I would go out and do it all over again!
Last night my nigh of my run club at LULULEMON was awesome.   I had a few people come out, the best thing is the reaction today.   There were at least half a dozen inquiries about the club and when we will meet again.  It sounds like it should be able to grow and build a brand of its own.  It brings a smile to my face to run with others and give back some of the passion that I have.
After a couple of hyper-active days I am ready for a good night sleep.  Tomorrow promises to be another great day on snow, so I must get my rest.
I hope that your  day was great and that your weekend is over the top!  Cheers to you all!


  1. Sleep well, you deserve it!

    It is amazing how little groups soon get a life of their own. Have fun!

  2. I would be passing out right about now...

    Sounds like a blast, though!

  3. mmm.....good snow! i love it~ i'm headed to salt lake city in 2 weeks and so counting the days! helz ya for some good cross training!