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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wonderful'ish Wednesday!!

yep, I am at it again!  being happy!  Why not?? you know the answer to that question!
Today was the first day that I got to play with my new trainer!  It is awesome! I chose a 5km route to first start to figure out some of the tools that were available.  There are all kinds of options that I can turn on and different screens and views to ride from.  After an easy 5k ride I decided a 25k mountain ride would be the way to get started.  I chose some Olympia route that sent me into a stage in some mountain race in Europe. WOW!  It was a great ride, first a small hill, then another small hill, then another and get it!  It was almost all uphill except for the last 5k which was straight down  It is fun to ride as it also has the steering module with it.  As you ride technical courses on the trainer you actually do the same as a road ride.  Your neck gets all tensed up and you get the huge knot going!  SO it is great to focus on relaxing and getting into a proper form when you start to push it harder along the latter part of the ride.  As well as being able to set the course you would like, you can also review HRM, power, cadence, speed....  ONce you have done a ride you can save it and review it later.  WIth several rides you can actually overlay them and review your progress on certain parts of hte course based on the strategy you have chosen for a ride.  Being a gear nerd, this is like being a kid on a candy store.  I love to measure so that I can track progress and make educated decisions, this trainer allows me to do all that and then some!
Following a tough ride I did a fast transition to a short run.  I thought that my feet back on the ground would be much harder than it was.  I set off on my run at a great pace, again thinking it was adrenaline from the ride, but NO!  I maintained my pace for the entire run feeling relaxed and comfortable at a pace that is again 10-15 seconds faster per KM than what I have run in the past!  Overall it was a great workout today.
The 'ish part of my blog title comes from my post run activity.  Boo! As I was driving to a meeting this evening I ended up in a small fender bender.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  The thing that frustrates me about the whole thing is that the insurance company ends up winning because of it!  Oh well, I was not hurt and the other guy was fine as well.  At the end of the day it is a small dent and can be fixed, who cares.  I would rather be able to ride my bike to the office everyday, this only motivates me to do it sooner!
I hope you all had a great day and a good workout to enjoy!  Happy Wednesday, hump day is now another one for the history book!  CHeers!


  1. The bike computer looks awesome. Sorry to hear about the fender bender. Glad your okay. Other than your pocket book.

  2. I was jealous of your skiing, now jealous of your new toy... It looks pretty awesome!

  3. You are definitely convincing me to save up for the add on for my TACX Flow. That looks like fun!