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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

OK!  If you have any appreciation for snow and skiing, you now know why today is fabulous Friday!  I spent the day skiing bumps from morning until night.  As a skier at  a small Ontario hill, skiing like this make me giggle like a school girl every turn I do all day long!  As you may see from the sky behind me, the sun was bright and the sky was blue, it was a picture perfect day.  The temperature was perfect and the snow conditions were ideal.  The look on my face, believe it or not, is one of absolute pleasure as I barelled down a hill with incoming bumps that would swallow you and toss you out!  I was in La!La! land.  If any of you ever want to go bump skiing, send me a note and I will set it up.  I love skiing them and teaching them is even better!

One of the things that makes me smile and brings me pleasure is teaching and coaching. I am on the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Board of directors and I am responsible for the Professional Training Series.  The photo above is one that makes me smile a lot.  Today, all 55 people in this photo finished the day with huge smiles on their faces.  It was a smile of having conquered a fear or having reached a goal.  Being part of that is a great experience.  I coordinated staff from the best in the country to lead a 6 hour clinic on how to master the bumps.  Over the day I was able to spend time with every person and every conductor and see first hand the success that makes me enjoy coaching and teaching.  I spent some of my day with students working on technique and pushing their boundaries further than they may have liked. The net result is they smiled, they had fun and they great as skiers and athletes!
Being a coach is a fulfilling process and experience for me and is leading me through my IM experience, I hope that one day I can take from my learning and finish experiences and motivate others to the start and finish line as well!  The thrill of accomplishment is something that every human should enjoy, I want to be part of that!
I hope you had fun today and that your weekend is over the top!  Cheers!

PS.  Looking forward to my next uphill bike ride, as I am going  downhill all weekend, I am sure it will be a nasty climb!


  1. I'm glad you had a blast today skiing, have a most excellent weekend!!

  2. John, even though i've never skiied in my life, you help me appreciate it with your posts. one of my bucket list items is to cross country ski, then if i survive that, downhill ski and snowboard but that will have to be after the IM. i can also appreciate your enthusiasm as a coach/teacher. i was in the personal training business for 10+ years and working with people and seeing them accomplish things they never thought possible is awesome. keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks KC! Anytime you want to make your way up to Canada(or a ski hil) lessons are provided! Cheers Have a great weekend!

  4. sounds like a fab friday to me.... i wish i get to the mountains!!!

  5. Your post brings me back. I have forgotten how much I like skiing the bumps. I went to college in Colorado and we used to sneak off all the time to the resorts. The best was Arapahoe Basin in the the great bump runs down to the parking lot with tunes cranked and kegs flowing. Thanks for reminding back to work - lol. BTW I think I am going to go down to Madison in Sept...did you sign up onsite or online last year?

  6. Signed up for Wisconsin online. By hte next day it was sold out! the bumps are a bast! kinda hesitant as I need my knees for the summer, but still a great time crashing through! Cheers!