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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific TACX Tuesday!

I was called Mr Happy pants today!  I think that it is a great compliment!  thank you Missy, it is great that you had a great Tuesday!
Much like yesterday I found a million reasons to find today as another great one!  I wont deliberate like yesterday as I think you get it!
Some good progress on the training front today!  Tuesday and Thursdays seem to have become swim days for me.  So off I went to the pool for some fun and games and a lot of drills.  I find doing drills to be one of those love/hate kind of things!  But the results are amazing so I push and smile to get them done knowing what the result will be later!  Today was a 2100m practice which was all drills and timed lengths.  I liked the fact that there was an intensity to my practice today.  As I was at the pool training with a friend I had a great barometer to the intensity, each time we stopped he would look at me and grimace and suggest that I was trying to hurt him.  No, that was not the goal, however, it serves as a good reminder that I am going at the desired pace for progress.  I did my practice in a little over 40 minutes today, the timing being almost perfect.  As we finished up, the masses of people started to show up.  I dont understand schedules of others, some days it is empty and at the exact same time a week later it it like no one is at work and they all decided to come to the pool.  Oh well, it was a great swim and one that I hope will contribute to the bottom line!

Why the title for my blog today?  Well, I got my new toy this afternoon!  My new TACX Fortius VR bike trainer!  Wahoo!  Biking is what led me into this whole IM chaos(and a bet) and I have not done hardly any winter training because I cant stand turning pedals doing nothing.  I am very lucky that an old training partner has become very bored with this trainer and gave it to me for an absolute steal.  It is awesome, it has all the training tools that you could want for winter indoor rides.  And the best part is that I am actually on a road riding a course that has some challenge to it.  It gives me a great incentive to get on the bike and beat the crap out of the little computer man that I can race against.  As well as being a very realistic training game, the analysis tools are great as well.  I can begin to track all my rides and then monitor progress based on what I have done for training.  It will be very effective in making certain that I  an maximizing my pedaling opportunity.  Deep down I am also excited as I have a little cycling grudge to settle.  Last summer as I rode my bike as a fat asz, some friends of mine took the time to smile as they past me on hills that I once killed them on.  I know that same friend wont train indoors.  SO guess what! HAH!  I am going to train like a good little boy and come spring, LOOK OUT!  I will let him see what the back of my bike shorts as I blow by him going up the same hills as the fall!  All kidding aside this trainer is my missing link to complete my non-training days and get ready for summer!  With a fun training tool it will get me pedalling and building the other group of muscles that have been ignored for a few weeks!
I hope that you have had a great day and that your training is putting a smile on your face!  And if not today, guess what, tomorrow is only a few hours away and it will be better!  Cheers!


  1. Nothing like some good old secret training! I do it all the time and it shows on group rides. You know who has an indoor trainer and who doesn't.

  2. I love a smack down grudge match! hehehe, have fun spinning!

  3. Nice! I've been debating the price of adding an upgrade to my TACX Flow that allows VR. I shall follow your fun with great interest!