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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Most of us at one point or another have likely suffered from this, my turn! Runners toe or toe nail, whatever the heck it is! This Saturday I did my day long trainer ride with no leg problems at all, as it turned out the only pain I had was at the end of the day my toes becoming larger than my shoes! Yep, I had to ride with my feet half out of my shoes in order to get it done, because stopping is never an option!
Then Sunday I had a run scheduled, was I looking forward to that! With my right toe being purple and having a heart beat of its own it was sure to be a run to remember! Me and the little man on my shoulder had a talk, he figured I should pack it in and not do it. With the OCD attitude that only a wannabe IRONMAN could have I sent the little man flying across the room! The first 1/2k of my run was numbing! Then I figured out how to run by adjusting every other joint and movement so that my toes would not hurt. As you can imagine, that was a fantastic run, 15k running out of balance with an adjusted stride and a big fat toe! YUK! I got it done much to the dismay of the little man! I got the last laugh on that one!
Yesterday I figured would be easy with no toe issues as I was going to be in the pool. Lesson learned! I got into the pool and found out quickly I had to do some taping to hold the toe intact. I kicked twice and the water current got a hold of my nail and almost ripped it off! OUCH! Did that hurt! I got out of the water, taped it up as well as I could and finished a 3200m practice with pleasure. The only frustration being those glorious people who have no clue how the heck to swim when others are in the lane. In the later part of the practice it was like being at a race? Why? The guys swimming seemed to insist on following zero logic, swimming towards me, going fast, then suddenly stopping, frustrating but good swim training! I followed my swim by doing some weights. In order to do any of the 'heavy' lifts, I needed to take my shoe off to stop it from hitting the front of my shoe. The looks I was getting were hilarious, walking around with only one shoe had everyone looking at me wondering what I was doing! No one asked?
Overall, damaged toe and all it has been an awesome start to week 8 of training! As it progresses, the workouts get harder but they are easier to get done. I am going to continue to follow the program as it is moving me forward with good results towards the start line for my first IM!
Although today was a rant, this is still one of the greatest rides that I have been on! With 10+ hours a week a couple of injuries are bound to come along. So, I write this post sitting in the walk in clinic to get this speed toe addressed so that I can get along with the training task at hand!
Happy training!
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  1. great rant! sounds like an IM move, damaged toe, completing swim workout, battling people in the it!

  2. Well that is an Ironman attitude...get it done no matter what. Way to tough it out! :)

  3. "being purple and having a heart beat of its own"

    hahaha...I can relate to this...had a few of my own over the past several years. Good on yah, for not letting it hold you back.

  4. hope your toe gets better. and nice to see the good spirits!, keep it up!

  5. hahaha .. made me laugh when you said the toe had a heart beat of it's own! That sucker must have been huge?

  6. bad toe! but better a toe i suppose than a muscle or bone injury.