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Monday, May 17, 2010

and were off!

after a great weekend Monday started off on a positive wave!  like always, the office has me running to get the job done.   I spent half the day driving to visit a customer to spend a couple of hours.  Oh well, work satisfies the trialthlon gear habit so I am going to keep chasing the silverballs to fed the habit!
On the training front, this week is another recovery week.  I must say, 1/2 a year ago had someone said that swimming +10K, running +40K and riding my bike 6 hours was a recovery week, I would have had them sent to the funny farm.  Now, it is par for the course!  The fact that it is a little less(very little) makes it seem like an easier week.  I just take each day for the workout that it is and give it my best and tomorrow will be what it is.  I can only control what I am doing now, so tomorrow is another workout that I will worry about then!
Today I was quite happy with how I felt.  I thought that I might have a little pain from my run yesterday, as I was going to bed last night I was a little stiff so I thought it might carry on.  NO, I woke up feeling great.  My recovery has been awesome so far, I find that after a tough workout, I have been feeling good the next day.  Running Boston was a little tougher on me, but the 2 days later I was at it without a big deal.  So, this morning I was happy after a good training weekend to feel as good as I did.
My workout today was a 3600m swim.  It had a lot of technique and kicking which I always like to do.  The time in the water was quite long, I was there before the kiddie lessons and was still there when they left.  But, overall I did not find it to be a hard effort, just a lot of it!  Each time I do drills I feel the benefit of it as I go back to a normal freestyle swim.  In the next couple of weeks I am going to try and get out with the coach that I found and see if I cant continue to move the swim curve ahead!  I think I can continue to improve without compromising the other areas of my training.
The photos are from my weekend of fun!  the first of them is the 10k run with the girl that beat her goal by 15 minutes.  I mentioned yesterday that I was out on my tri bike, it was also the first time I got to where my fast helmet!  I dont know if it makes me go faster, but it is comfortable, and as long as I think it makes go faster, it does!  The last photo is my out enjoying the half marathon!  As you can see from the smile on my face, I enjoyed my weekend!  I hope you did as well!  Cheers and Happy Monday!


  1. I'm loving the photos. You look like you had an absolutely smashing weekend. Oh and BTW I like your helmut.

  2. I love the helmet. Looks like you joined "star fleet". Which makes me feel comfortable, knowing your fighting for the universe. haha. LIVING THE DREAM!!!

  3. You look like you are having loads of fun in your it should be! I like your aero helmet. DId you feel faster?

  4. Nice workouts! ... good "down" week - hahaha

  5. Nothing like a 'recovery week' to make others thinks you are insane. It is sentences like: It's a recovery week next week, I'm only doing x miles...:)

    Love your helmet, is it cool to ride in (air vents cool, not Fonzie cool)?

  6. the helmet is more comfortable than my standard road helmet. beg vent in the front as well as awesoem ventilation out of the back. when teh temp reaches 30 celcius I may have a different story!!