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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how much do you sweat??

Today was an awesome day to be outside doing some high heat training conditioning!  With the humdity the temperature felt like 100+F. Most people would avoid it and try and do the workout before it gets hot or wait until the sun is down and away.  NO WAY!  Get out there and get it done.  Who knows what the waether will be on a race day, I took full advantage of the high heat and humidity to prepare for that potential.
My workout today was some interval run work on the road.  Rather than do intervals I decided to do a faster tempo run as part of a brick.  So, I did an 11k ride, 10k run and 11k ride.  I figured that 50% of the interval would be at Zone 3 so that is how I did my workout overall.  My warm up on the bike was fairly quick, with high humidity it was like riding in a sauna.   Thank goodness I spent the day consciously hydrating.  My ride out was at a 34kmh average(flat and no wind), it felt easy and smooth.  I did not push hard on the bike as this was a run day, a good relaxed ride in low Zone 2.
The run was on a hilly route, one of those with no flats at all.  Today, I chose to do it in the more 'up' direction, a good uphill bias.  My transition was smooth and I was up to pace in no time.  I started the run around a 5min/k and managed to stay in that zone the entire time.  As I was scheduled to I stayed in high 2 - low 3 HR zone, even on a couple of nasty hills I did not let my HR get out of line.  A year ago this kind of heat would have set me on my butt in no time.  The event today was comfortable and I felt good the whole way.  I even spent my time doing all my ABC's at the end of the run.  That was harder than the run by hard!
As soon as I finished I jumped back on the bike for the ride back.  I did the same route, uphill bias coming back in 34.6km/h average. There is a 1.5k uphill that has set me back about 10-15% in hte past, today, I picked up speed at the bottom and held it all the way to the end.  It felt good to tackle it under my terms and be able to manage the whole thing.  It was a great ride home and again the transition onto the bike was no effort.
With the heat today I thought it would be a great day to check out how much I sweat on a workout.  I am a heavy sweater to begin with, so getting a concrete base point is good knowledge to hold as the summer starts.  So, my total workout time was 90 minutes and my weight loss was 6.5lbs.  I consumer 1.5 x 12oz water while out(not sure of weight of that) So assume 1lb, that is more than 7 lbs on a short workout!  CRAZY!  That is a great testament of the importance of hydration!
What an awesome day of training!


  1. I nearly stopped breathing when you said 11k ride, 10k run, 11k ride. I know I will have to get to that at some point but that is just an awesome workout. As for how much I sweat, well I think I sweat more than most guys and probably dont hydrate well enough to compensate for that loss. Will have to stay focused on this detail.

  2. I am a heavy sweater as well. Just ordered some EFS from First Endurance today to help with the sodium/electrolyte depletion during the longer races and training days. I am also supplementing my water with salt tabs too. That is quite a big weight loss for your workout!

  3. Nice workout! I'm not sure I could have done it, but it would be fun to try on the hills :)

    I sweat lots, which is why I bough X-Bionic shirts and shorts (very cheap over here). I must do that test though. A litre of water weighs a kilo (2.2lb).

  4. Great workout! I love running in the humidity!

  5. great combo with the added spice of the heat!, race day is coming up and bricks are sooooo important!