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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's been a busy few days!

I have been running like a mad man for the last  days! I think tomorrow afternoon sometime I might have some time to catch y breath!  It has been a productive few days from a training and working point of view, so all this busyness is good!
Every evening this week, like most weeks I had my run club commitment to complete, that is part of my routine now!  The tough part was that every night I also had a meeting for groups that I am part, these meetings happen one every month of two and this was the week for all of them!  Oh well, I seem to have survived, I may be a bit wiser for it and I can say that I have done part of my part to help out!
This week was a great week of training!  Wednesday was an anaerobic swim practice, and that it was.  The warm up was gentle, but the main set was a pure and hard slap in the face!  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, this served very well in reminding me to pull up my SPEEDO(Ouch) and keep practicing harder.  Nothing like a good 3600m of hard core swimming to make you feel good!
Thursday this week should have been a speed work run day, but I was not feeling a 100% so decided to switch around my Friday rest day.  I did do my LULULEMON run in the evening!  A good run as well!  Although it was short because it was  pouring rain, one person joined me on this less than fair weather run. We ended up running 4:25min/k for 4k.  I guess it ended up being a good speed workout at the end.
Friday was the real workout.  I like doing the ladder type of speed work, this one was especially fun.  It started with a 15-20 minute warm, then 2 minutes at a marathon pace, then 4 a little faster, then 6, then 8, then the final 10 minutes was to be done at a sub 10k pace.  It is a great exercise in pacing and holding back strategically, if not the last 10 minutes will be a real disaster!   Overall the workout was outstanding. I ended up running the 10 minutes at a 4:30 pace with my HR in medium zone 3.  Great progress during a great workout!  A year ago I would have chocked doing that same thing!
Overall it was a good couple of days of training with some growing intensity.  I am enjoying the feeling as they get tougher to do, and the high of being done is even better.
The weekend has been a GONG show of activity and not near done yet!  I am going to get some sleep and will finish the week of awesome training off in text tomorrow!
COngrats to KC for an awesome finish this weekend!
Cheers to all!


  1. Nice that the run club is now Routine!
    You seem to have survived AND you are getting in solid training! IMWI on my mind...

  2. Man, I'm just getting tired reading about all the stuff your doing. I now need a nap. haha.