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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

you gotta try this!!

So, each day of my life I like to try something that challenges me, something that puts me out of my comfort zone.  Those challenges might be physical, mental or a combination of both.  I like being pushed beyond my limits and learning from the experience.  I guess that might be why I chose to sign up for IM as a challenge.
Today I tried something new which seemed to me to be moderate on that scale, HA!  did I learn a good lesson, in many ways!  Not to ever underestimate a physical challenge and that I love pushing myself to the point that I am going to collapse!
Have you ever tried CROSSFIT training?  If you are the kind of person who believes in pushing yourself and does not believe in giving in to a little pain, this is your gig!  I went into the class thinking, 'hey how tough can this be?'  WOW!  it kicked the pants off of me!  I loved it!  Here was the line up of what we completed:

Warm up

2 minutes skipping
10 push ups
10 sit up
10 dislocates                            all of this x2
10 samson stretches
10 supermans
10 squat

Main Set

200 meter dash
5 hanging squat cleans
15 burpees                               all of this x4
15 kettle bell
30 seconds rest

Sounds  easy eh?  NOT!!!!  by the 4th set, I could barely lift my hands over my head to clap them for the burpee!  my heart was pounding out of my chest, and if I did one more set I likely would have had to go to the room that is painted with a guy vomiting!  They painted it there for a reason!  It was a 17 minute all out anaerobic torture workout! All that being said, based on the work completed, I can see how a long term program would turn you into a powerful machine!  It is something I will likely incorporate in order to activate fast twitch and to develop more power in my practice.  I just hope I can get out of bed in the morning to think about it some more!  I want to thank a fellow LULULEMON ambassador, Ruth Sheridan and Kate Warrren for the invite to her gym and for pushing my limits.  If you live in the Burlington area, check this out for a great workout challlenge, Crossfit Connection  !  you wont regret the workout!(or you might?)
I followed my torture session today with a short run with the LULU gang!  It was a good night with some new runners joining us again!  Each time we get new people out it is great.  It means that the word is getting out there and that is the point of the program. It was a short run only doing 6-7km, but felt good to loosen up the Crossfit affect!  As always found it to be a positive and fun experience.  


  1. Ummmm, not to be rude or anything, but no. I don't gotta try this. I might not even make to that little room.

  2. there was a couple in the room this morning who wont be back! good decision, save yourself the trip! :) LOL

  3. Nice job Mixing it up! also great post torture run!

  4. That sounds FUN but TOUGH! It's all good though. I used to teach a 2 hour ROTC class at a wellness center that i worked at and many of the exercises you have listed were part of the gig. Great workout! Good for you for stepping up to the plate and trying something new...and challenging in different ways than you are used to.

  5. after that workout IM should be a piece of cake ; )

  6. I haven't tried a crossfit workout yet but did do some reading about it shortly after Christmas. A buddy of mine, whom I played hockey with as a kid, was the crossfit champ of the world a few years back.

    Looks like fun!

  7. Ummmm, not me, sorry. I've read too many reports of working out till they could just be propaganda though ;)