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Friday, May 28, 2010

Road Runner! beep! beep!

What the heck am i talking about!  You know the Road Runner!  Unless you are to young, or lived under a  rock your entire youth!  that crazy bird who always flew down the highway leaving a cloud of dust behind him.  I continue this post by saying fast is a relative term, some of the readers of this post is are lightning fast so I thought it was good to make that comment.
I am going to visit family this weekend so I took advantage of a picture perfect day to know off my long ride.  I figure that way I dont have to bring my bike along, it always ads a more challenging logistical dynamic.  The weather today was about as perfect as it gets to do a long ride.  It was 24C with a very light breeze and very little humidity. My workout today was scheduled as a HR1-2 ride for 3.5 hours.  I decided to ride a flat route towards Niagara Falls that has great roads and rides along the water.  I did another ride this week as a bonus with speed and hills so I did not feel I had to do hills today.
So, I met up with a training pal and we headed out for our journey.  It was magnificent, as described above the weather could not have been any better!  With no wind it was ideal to let the legs turn and see what I could do without blowing my heart rate.  WOW! I surprised myself and then some!  I did the first 30k averaging 39kmh without my HR going over 140 and the perceived effort being about a 4 out of 10.  As I looked at what I was doing I could not believe it!  I was flying!  Beep!  Beep!  My training pal accused me of racing when we met up at one of the turn points on the ride.  Most days that would be a race, today amazingly it was a relaxed ride with strong legs and easy turning.  I felt the most on top of my game that I ever have.  Three-four years back I was strong on the bike, today made those days look like I was a turtle.  Each time we connected on the ride I went off conscious of not allowing my heart rate to climb, each time I found myself again over 35kmh very comfortably and without leg burn!  When we reached our turn point, I figured I would slow for the ride back, NO DICE!  All the way home I did the same.  At one point after the race comment, my pal rode up beside me and started to make a break!  NO WAY!  with the way I was feeling I put a little more pressure on the pedals and rolled away!
Overall it was one of the best rides that I can remember, 3.5 hours, 130k, 1.5 pints of beer on a short break and energy to burn!
It id not stop there, the transition run turned out to be quite the same!  As I jumped off hte bike I figured I would struggle a bit after the miles on my legs!  Was not going to be that way!  I headed out and without any hobbling I was up to a 4:40 pace and held it strong!  My training pal is a super fast runner and he was having a tough time keeping up.  The merits of fuelling paid off for me.  Although only a 20 minute run I did the whole thing with a smile on my face and strength in my step.   I was surprising myself all the way!
As you might see I am quite excited about todays workout.  Yes, the conditions were perfect, but that could happen any day so I am accepting it!  Today was amongst the best workout days I have ever had.  All the training to date seems to have some affect!  I hope that as I continue to put in the effort I hope I can enjoy a couple more days like this one!
I hope that you all had a great thing happen in your day!  Life's to short not to love it and live it!
Have a great weekend!


  1. The beer!! That's your secret training fuel. That was the key to finishing strong. Great workout all the way around! Have an awesome weekend.

  2. WOW, great day John. You were ON!!! (and the beer helped, haha) LIVING THE DREAM

  3. Beep, beep! Brilliant day, definitely one for the diary. I bet the beer may have helped...