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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another great training day!

Yesterday was another opportunity for me to get some serious bike trainer miles under my butt!  It turned out to be a great day for indoor rides with winds screaming and the temperature down near freezing.  I likely would have done my rider inside at home if I had not arranged my options prior.
After a great week of training and a good rest day Friday, starting off the week on a good note is always a great thing.  So the plan was to do that very thing!  As I prepare for the RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER I am working towards my fund raising goal as well as raising awareness for the ride. LULULEMON was a great part of my effort yesterday, I set up my trainer in the Square One store and spun the day away amongst the staff and customers.  It is such an awesome way to bring attention to the ride.  You have to understand how busy the store is, from the moment the doors open until the last minute of the day it is lines up with people.  As they made their way by me everyone asked what the heck I was doing allowing me the chance to talk about this very important cause.  It was great to see how people reacted to the cause and how grateful they were for the effort put forward by all the people that do it.  The day was a great success from the promotional perspective as well as giving me a great chance to get another few miles under my seat.
In total yesterday I rode for 7h15m spinning at an average of 79 with an average HR of 129. I did not have a way to measure distance, however based on perceived effort and other data, I figure I wold have rolled 210km.  A little past half way through the day I also got out and did a transition run to see how things would go. It was a great run where the physical adjustment was seamless, I had no problem getting my legs moving and was up to pace in no time.  I did have a small issue with food, have tried some new nutrition yesterday. Now I know that I wont be using Honey Zingers, it made my stomach go crazy.  After I was off about 1k and let the world no where I was via the the insane gas I was passing, I seemed to be over it.  So lesson learned! Overall an awesome training day and a great success! I think I am about done on long trainer rides now!   Thank you very much to Bryan from  for the use of his trainer.  I also think I got some good IM mojo from it  !
Last night was hte great reward to a good ride!  Met up with some buddies and had some beers and ribs! Yummy!  All around a good training day!
Hope your weekend has been great and you have put in some productive miles!  Cheers


  1. Incredible. Great ride, Great cause...what a setup- In the store!

  2. I admire your dedication and generosity, WELL DONE!> you should be proud, great milleage, great mood, great response! cheers!

  3. Great job J. 7:15 on the trainer is insane. I'm not sure if your more tired from running or talking to so many people. Sounded like a great day.


  4. Hopefully no-one was standing down wind from you...hahaha. I lasted an hour on the trainer today - so 7hrs 15min sounds mind boggling. Fantastic work for a great cause.