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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outdoor cycling!

Wahoo!  Today's workout was  a schedules 'turbo' workout on the bike.  Most days this needs to be done on a trainer which means I have to watch Oprah or some other ridiculous show to get it done.  Not today, the weather rocked, there was no single leg drills or other tough technical stuff, so it was a day to enjoy hte outdoors for my ride!  Love it!
The ride today was a good ladder series with a lot of gear changing and pushing the heart rate.  The first part of the workout was to ride increasing gears every 2 minutes for a total of 8 minutes then take a break and repeat.  I chose a loop close to my neighbourhood to do the ride as I was a little crunched for time.  The gear changes were not bad, however the wind started to play a little havoc on the ride at times.  Being in a light gear was not bad when into the wind.  But, when I was in a big gear and into the wind, it was a tough ride to keep my HR low as was intended to. So I had to lighten up on the pedals a bit.  Overall that part of the ride was good.  Then I did a reverse ladder, 5,4,3,2,1.  I started with 5 in a big gear pushing for HR zone 3, then 4 minutes in a lighter gear and continued that way.  While doing the reverse ladder I had to maintain my HR up the entire time.  Overall the ride was awesome, it is so great to be outside pushing the envelope and feeling the wind on my face.
Following todays ride, was a LULULemon run with a short 6k on tap.  Each week we still have new people out to join us, tonight was no exception making it another successful night.  We had a great 6k run at a comfortable pace, I like the pace as these are bonus runs so I dont need to be busting my hump, they are to be enjoyed!  I also have started to train one of the LULU runners on her triathlon quest which is proving to be a success.  After a few short weeks she has improved both bike and run and wants to continue on what I have provided to date.  This is awesome!  She is the first athlete I am working with since I completed my coaching certification, and so far it is proving to be successful. Gotta love it!
I has an entertaining happening yesterday evening.  Once a month we go to a local pub for wings, we has not been in quite a while and we were there last night.  When the owner came over to the table to say hi, he got to the table and just stood there staring at me. He was just standing there looking, almost to the point that it was uncomfortable.  Then he said, 'what happened to you?'  I asked him what he meant?  He said you have lost so much weight!  Guess what, he got a great tip!  It was great to hear it after the work and fun getting to this point.  He was amazed at how different I looked.  Another great benefit to this training chaos!  Hope you had an awesome training day!


  1. Nice to have the "bonus" runs where you don't have to be so concerned with specifics and can just enjoy it!

  2. great to be able to go out on the bike. this side of the world things are going the other way. good training block, though!