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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new pet toe!

So, after yesterdays episode with my big toe and it appendage, I got a little nervous about the whole thing.    I did some googling' and it came back with all sorts of crazy stuff.  SO this morning I went into the walk in clinic to get a professional opinion.  The doctor laughed at me as soon as I told him my problem. Apparently he does not have any sympathy for type A runners who introduce hte problem by saying stopping is not an option.  So, after a brief review of my extra toe volume he gave me the prognosis.  I now have a new pet, yep, my toe is my new pet!  I need to feed it, clean it, make sure it gets fresh air. If it runs away I need to bring it back and put it in its place.  If I do all of these things, he will get a friend to come in a few weeks, once the friend comes along my new pet wont need as much attention!  What a pain in the butt!(or toe)
Today was a good workout day once again.  Tuesday is my standard day for trainer rides, luckily these are relatively short always being around 1 hour.  They are great workouts with big intensity and good technical training.  Today, a big part of the practice was single leg drills, they are getting smoother as I continue to work on them.  Up to this point they have been spinning drills, today was a big gear workout so I had some good lone leg grinding. Overall the whole hour was awesome intensity with a lot of it in low 3 HR zone making me work to get to the end.  As soon as I was off the bike, into my shoes and out for a T-run.  Once again it was a completly satisfactory run!  I am getting off the bike and feeling my legs getting rolling real quick.  The only issue that I have been having has been my feet being a little cramped after a long ride.   I have a couple of 'poll' questions for you IM people that are reading:
-  What is a good saddle for tri bike?  ANyone using ISM racing saddle?
- What is a good tri shoe?

Any comments or feedback would be great!

The weather this evening made for a real small group for run club.  Yep, only one person was out this evening.  It was ranining and damn cold.  It was a great speed run!  Only 4km covered but the pace was great, 4:30 min/k, loved it!  thank you to the person for coming out and for a great run effort!
Time for some rest, must wrap up my pet so he is safe and get ready for another awesome day!  Remember, life is about accomplishing those things that make you smile!  Live for your Dreams!



  1. I am using the Adamo ISM Racing saddle and love it. Takes a couple of rides to get used to but I no longer have that "numb" feeling in my manhood. See if a LBS will let you trial one.

  2. Glad your toe didn't have to be amputated...just kidding! Have heard great things about the Adamo ISM, but i don't have one. I love, love, love my LG tri shoes. I got a steal of a deal on ebay and they were brand new with tags still.

  3. although not IM, a couple of ironmates told me the specialized trivent are the right stuff.

  4. I have an ISM Adamo road saddle and like it very much in the aero position. Make sure you wear shorts without side seams though, I found that Craft Tri short seams catch on the saddle.

    Have you tried running in Nike Frees or Vibram Fivefingers? They might help the toe, they help my Mortons toe issue, and I have a weird middle toe too.

    PS If I have said anything to offend you in my previous posts, I would like to apologise. I've always found your comments to be very helpful and supportive. Sorry!