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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bike, swim......thanks mother run!

So, that little Crossfit class I went to!  Well, apparently it is the breeding ground for the little man on the shoulder that tells you not to work out!  Yeah, seems I had about 10 of them in the past 24 hours!  But, I am training for an IRONMAN, so away with you, you stubborn little shit!
After my class yesterday I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.  By the time I was done it was time to head out for my LULU run and I did not get my nasty but good bike workout in.  I thought I would get it done when I got back from the run.  Well, by the time I got back from the run, the little man was on my shoulder dancing and sticking his tongue out at me!  I think he actually called some of his other little friends for a party!  My glutes had seized and my legs were screaming, doing a bike workout would have been counterproductive!  So the little man won!  FOR NOW!
After running around this morning and attending a trade show, it was time to face off with the little man.  Yeah, he might get me temporarily, but unless I am losing my cookies and cant walk he was not going to win the battle!  I headed home, got my gear on!  this time it was my turn to look at the little guy on my shoulder, laugh at him and then with one solid flick of the finger send him flying across the room!  Even my friend thought the little man had won!  No damn way!
The workout was tough!  Getting on the bike with my legs and glutes screaming at me is not likely the idea of fun most people have in mind?  But, I wound up the pedals and did my ride!  It was a short one but tough with some sprints, big gear grinds.  Each time my HR climber the little man would jump back on and smile at me like he thought he could get me to quit!  Good thing I was on a trainer and did not have to worry about balance, I was able to flick him off each time!  My ride looked like this, short but sweet:
Avg Speed:  35kmh
Watt:  223
Cadence:  79
HR:  144
Distance: 26
Time: 44 min
The pain in my butt and legs starting the workout only made the workout more satisfying to finish!  Damn you little man, go and pick on someone else, one of those soft people who gives up easy!  HA!
As soon as my butt got out of the saddle it was time to put on my speedo and get to the pool!  The little man tried me on for size again!  This time I was in the car and able to make him fly!  Fly little man fly!  It was a great site.  I guess not giving in must be one of the qualities of an IM, because there was no way that I was letting that happen.  The swim was not easy, however, it did make me find a relaxed and easy swim.  I found the 3100m practice to be very soothing and beneficial although a little tough.  I think there was more benefit doing it physically tired than not doing it.
Oh yeah!  Then it was tome for s ROGA run!  It was my day, I do 3 runs a week that are 'extra' runs that are not part of my training.  Today I was happy that I did not have the extra run.  I guess mother nature had a bad day and decided she was going to treat the planet like crap to show her dismay!  THe sky was black and the clouds shook!  Running in the rain is one thing, when the sky is electric, NOT!  So, off to home for a great dinner!
Overall, it was an awesome training day with a great mental victory.  Time to get some rest and see if I can get my glutes to start working again!  Cheers and Happy night!


  1. Nice battle with the little man great FLICKS! good call on not overdoing it

  2. sounds like a pretty full on day, so no regrets about the missed run!. it's a funny battle
    IRONman vs. LITTLEman.

  3. Well done! That little man on your shoulder sounds like a real limpet, glad you managed to flick him off!