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Thursday, May 20, 2010

uummm? where was I?

it has been another great couple of days in the training life!  a little swimming and a little running to keep it real!
Yesterday the 'recovery' swim was a 3700m practice with some kicking and 150 and 200m repeats.  The practice was to be done at an easy pace with the purpose to put some miles in and work on technique.  I did not find the practice challenging at all with the exception of the my toe being a problem.  It was my own fault as I forgot to pack my tape to keep the thin in place.  So, as soon as I got into the pool it was coming out of place so I had to jump out and ask the pool for tape.  It worked for a few more lengths then I had to do it again, and again and again!  It was a pain in the butt, however, I completed all but 150m of the practice as a result.  Overall I was pleased with my feel of the water and  how I stayed consistent if not even stronger towards the end of the practice.  I now feel for athletes who are injured and are restricted in what they can do.  even though I managed, it did affect the overall practice as I compensated to make sure that i could continue without losing the tape.  Oh well!  Yesterday I did also make the call to the swim coach to arrange for some sessions in the near future.  It is time to turn it up a notch and get some pro advice.  I figure someone who can swim 100 in <1:10 should be good to help me out a bit!
Today was hte day for a good hot weather run.  The temperature finally has reached warm status. This afternoon it got up to 25'ish so it was a good time to get out and do some hot training.  I try and get as much training done when it is the warmest part of the day, part of the overall strategy.  I figure if I get out and do my runs at the warmest time, it will help out if race days are super hot!  If I am trained in the warmest weather that I can get to train in, the race days will be much easier regardless of the temperature.  I must say that 40 lbs of weight of my butt makes it a lot easier to handle the heat.  So the first run I did today was a 'fast' 10k with some accelerations mixed in for fun.  I focused on pushing through the tough part after the sprints and not allowing my speed to drop overall.  I also chose a course that was primarily up hill.  The first 3k of the run was on a 2-3% grade with no relief, I was pleased with how I moved up the hill without a ton of effort and without seeing my HR explode.  I will say that the run was not the easiest I have had.  I think the 1/2 marathon on the weekend as well as my regular workouts I have reached a state of 'tired' finally.  I have been lucky to date not to have to struggle a bunch through my workouts.  The harder days have been followed by good recoveries, races did not stop me from the following days workout.  So, today feeling a little heavy was not hte end of the world. I was able to push through and my HR did not race either, so I figure it is making me stronger!
Tomorrow is rest day, so I think I will treat myself to a slow bike ride in the nice weather.  It is ride your bike to work day, so I have to do my part!
On a timeline note, it is now less than 115 days from the start line, 2/3 of the time since I started my blog to the race day have elapsed.  What a cool adventure it has been and the rest will only get better!
 I hope your adventure is as much fun and you are looking forward to your day as well!

FYI:  The ISM Adamo saddle rocks!  Did a 3 1/2 ride last week and felt great!


  1. Finally: HOT Training!
    I'd ride my bike to work but would not be ablle to get the twins to pre-school...I dont think?!

  2. That first day back in the heat is always a tough one. Good call to train in it.

    Thanks for your input on the gym earlier.

  3. the last 1/3 before the big IM!, this is gonna be a hot blog to be following. Keep it up!

  4. Next time...take insulation tape, it is pretty waterproof and easy to get off your toe afterwards. I must admit to smiling at the thought of you getting in and out of the pool for tape, it must have been a real pain in the backside.

    Yes! Lets hear it for the good weather...and hopefully all of us getting outside for hot training. :)

    Glad the saddle is working out. I've just ordered a second one. Ebay is my friend :)

  5. So far so good and only getting better and more exciting. This is turning out to be one awesome adventure! Keep up the strong efforts.

  6. You are so going to to be extremely ready for your IM, with all the training and calculated sessions you put together. I love reading your posts, it shows what lays ahead for me.