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Monday, May 3, 2010

I found smooth!

After finishing a great weekend of training and relaxing I started the week on a smooth and great note.  I wish I could say it was because I found a million dollars and I am doing nothing but training for the next 6 months, but it is just as good!
Today marks the start of the aerobic training phase of my training.  I dont really know what that translates to as all the practices look very similar to what they were in the first 6 weeks.  They may be a little more intense but not so different. One thing that it does say clearly is there are no more optional 'I am tired practices'  All the workouts listed are to be done in the manner that they are listed without exception.  As the book says, it is time to start training and acting like an IRONMAN.  Also, it insists on making sure to be doing my ABC's for running as they are a big part of the improvement.  So, like a good little soldier,  bring it on, I am so ready to attack the next phase and turn it up a bit.
Today was  a great start, with a good pool practice.  The distance was easy with a 3500m swim with some 500 easy repeats and some kicking.  The kick was good, with the exception of the heart beat in my big toe from my marathon toe swelling.  I can feel myself getting stronger with my kick, it is translating into faster drill time as well as a more consistent kick when I am swimming!  Wahoo!  practice making improvements, imagine that!  The kick was half the good part, then the 500 repeats.  It was the greatest practice for finding a good rhythm while I was swimming.  Within 50 meters I found myself feeling like I was sliding through the water rather than trying to kill it!  My breathing was easy and relaxed and I was able to bilateral easily as I chose to.  My balance in the water seems to be improving allowing me to work on other parts of my stroke.  Ideally it will allow me to pick up a little more efficiency for the long run.  Right now, I am starting to think more about efficiency and preservation than going out to kill the time.  It is after-all my first IM and I want to get out of the water able to ride without being exhausted from a swim.  I will continue to work on stroke and balance and it should make for a respectable result at the end of the day!  Overall it was an awesome practice giving me a feeling of progress and accomplishment in the water!
I have to repeat, I am loving this stuff right now!!  I need to preserve the feeling somehow for those days later on when I am tired and bitching because I am exhausted!  I think I can manage that as there is a lot of positive vibes to capture right now!  Sharing my vibes with all of you!  Cheers!


  1. Yes, savor these moments that you're still in love with the sport. You will have those days when you will want to bag ironman all together...but it's totally worth it. The race IS the prize.

  2. thanks for sharing. so true...practice does make perfect and with the swim, efficiency is the name of the game. Good job!

  3. Good luck with the base training. You're going to kill it.

  4. Well they do say that an Ironman can't be won on the swim, but can be lost on it.

    I am not an Ironman, but I think that your approach makes sense, conserve energy, and kick butt later.

    To me 3500m is not easy, it sounds amazing!

    Oh, and those hills around me...the Tour de France used them 3 years back, passed my back door in fact. My weird mindset is if it is good enough for the Tour, riding on them hills should be good training for me. Though I wish I had their speed, it was awesome.

  5. funny you mention the workouts are the same, but different. they surely change a little bit and the fact that you wont feel it is a good sign!, good luck!