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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ahh, it's rest day again!~

After a week of training that has been awesome it is rest day today!  I was going to continue and do an extra day, but logic prevailed and decided to take a break!  I had a good week and the best thing to do is to absorb the miles that I have enjoyed and enjoy a restful family day.
The first part of the day was sitting in the car and driving for 4 hours to my sister's house.  The drive is awesome as it is going north into an area that most refer to as God's country.  Beautiful trees, lakes, nature as far as the eye could see.  A bright blue sky and sunshine was only making the day better.  I was able to take full adventage of the drive, Trish took control of the ship for a while allowing me to get some work done.  It worked out to be time that I have been trying to catch up on for a couple of weeks.  I was able to finish writing a sprint tri training program for an athlete that has asked me for some help.  She races for a university tri team and is looking to speed things up a bit.  The free time allowed me to review what she is currently doing, what her training load is and where she can improve.  I had a great time putting it all together, this week I will meet with her to review and get the plan moving forward.  It is exciting to be working with an athlete and towards some summer events.  As she gets to the start line I will share the results(if they are good  :)    )
When our drive to god's country was done we had a great visit with my sister and mom and nephew.  As they live a far drive away I dont get to see them ofter, so it is  a great time when we are able to get together.  We had a great day, shared some lunch and stories and caught up on where we left off.
As we drove back to my sisters I thought I night go and do my run, but it wasnt to be.  When we finally arrived I traded the thought for an awesome nap time.  When I woke up I felt totally dehydrated, so my mind was made for me.  It was time to sit and drink water and get refuelled for an early morning run!  
Overall irt turned out to be a great lazy day with no guilt at all!  Tomorrow AM will be an awesome run and then the drive PART2!
Hope your weekend is awesome and you are living your dreams!


  1. What a beautifully relaxing weekend. Its always good to have one of those where you do absolutely no training. It will make you give it all on your run in the morning.

  2. I love making training plans for others too. Hopefully, I know enough of what I'm talking about when I do it.