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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Binge workout day!

I love Thursday's! Weekend eve and my day to binge workout! Now that the holidays are done I am able to get back at the Thursday binge workout in the truest form.
Started off at 5am with a short refreshing run. The temperature was -6c and dry cold this morning. The usual crew showed up for our short 6-7k slow run to start the day off. As some know, I hate mornings so this is a chore for me. However, once out and started I am like the president of the glee club! Big smile on my face, encouraging those around me and loving being up and at it so early. The run was slow and short this morning, but overall it felt really good. I did not even pay attention to my HR, but I know it was good otherwise I would have been aware. Binge Thursday is great because the stupid time of the morning run is followed by a great hot yoga class. The studio we practice at is awesome. They practice Baptiste power Yoga, which is a hot flow yoga class which I describe as an experience rather than a 'this is how it is done' class. I enjoy the workout, the spirituality as well as the leadership in the practice. We have invited several friends to try it out and all have stayed for more. The yoga practice has actually become part of my daily routine. I have found that using many of the poses has prevented me from becoming the semi fossil stiff person that I tend to become when I don't stretch. After a run or workout I use the poses to open up what will inevitable stiffen up. I challenge you to try out Baptiste Power yoga, I would be surprised if it was not a great positive experience and a benefit to your training. I am going to challenge some local runners to coming out for some runs followed by yoga to see what they think.
As well as my run and yoga, I still had to get a swim in today. Off to the pool for a 2000m practice. As mentioned earlier, my swim time for the next 6 weeks is primarily technique. Today was no exception, and as I got into the practice I discovered once again how hard drills are. Luckily I am able to recognize the benefit of it and push through. When I do lengths in between some of the drills I can immediately feel the difference. I did cut the practice a little short today. A couple of times in the past I have had some issues with cramping in my feet after turning, today was a maximum experience. Each time I pushed off the wall I found myself having to work to open up my muscles to stop from total muscle lock up. After 6-7 times I figured it was better to get out and stretch and call it a day than continue and hurt myself. Hugh who I was swimming with suggested it could be dehydration. I thought I drank well today, however, yoga and the run this morning likely drained me well. I need to remember in the future to pay more attention to post workout water so that I don't end up in the same boat. Although I stopped 400m short of what I intended to do it was still a great practice. I can feel myself becoming more fluid in the water and gliding with far less effort than even a month ago. Although drills suck, they work!
So my binge Thursday was awesome. A day with great workouts that all will benefit as I move ahead. I hope that you had the same great experience and are looking forward to your feet hitting the floor tomorrow morning like I am!
Happy Friday eve and big thumbs up to all you type A friends! :)


  1. I LOVE Baptiste yoga! It's in my schedule for once a week. Love it.

    Nice job on the, uh, binge. :-) And nice to hear the swimming is coming along nicely!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Depending on what exactly is cramping, it could be that you're pointing your toes too hard, and restricting the flexibility of your ankles.

    Where in Mississauga? I used to live in Streetsville.

  3. I will remember that in the pool next time. Thanks
    I am at Clarkson Road and Lakeshore area, love it! Have a great weekend!

  4. my thursday was a binge workout day too! love it! when i know i'm going to have a marathon workout day (so to speak), i keep a 32 ounce bottle of G2 at my desk and make sure i drink, drink, drink. had a lot of troubles last year with cramping from dehydration but it was quickly remedied with replenishing the electrolytes during the day. and this way, your later day workouts don't suffer.

  5. i love binges... usually more of the food kind but workout binges can be fun too! i always forget the hydration thing until it's too late~ I guess we'll never learn!