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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, it's 2010! And the New year now begins!

I hope the first weekend of 2010 was full of fun, friends and family!
after being out skiing for 7 days, I am back home and to reality.  The New Year starts now! Over the past week we had such a relaxing and enjoyable time we were at the point we did not know what day of the week it was.  A week with no watch on and and enjoying every minute of it was a a great way to end one great year and start a new one.

The start to my New Year was as I intended it to be.  New Years morning I organized a 5k Resolution Run at our ski club.  So bright and early after a calm and collected New years eve I headed out to the club for the Craigleith Inaugural 5k Run/Walk.  I planned the run to start this year off on a good note for the training I have ahead.  The run was awesome!  It was -5c and snowing big snow flakes(like the ones on Christmas card photos) with all the trees covered roads ankle deep in snow.  There were families with children, coaches and athletes from our race program, ski instructors and friends.  The route was great, running along the base of the ski hill and then down towards the bay.  Most people ran the route with a few walkers as well.  After the runners finished the first loop, I went back out and ran the route again to make sure everyone was back safely.  After starting the year off on a healthy foot with the run, we changed into our ski gear and had an amazing day skiing!  There was all sorts of new snow, enough to call it an Ontario powder day. We went like crazy all day,  the conditions were near perfect, temperature was not freezing.  Then we all went back to your chalet for a hottub, from the tub we watched the huge waves crashing on shore!  A few friends joined us and we had a big healthy dinner!  It was a perfect start to the year!
I am looking forward to getting back to work after a refreshing break!  With batteries recharged, a new drive to live and chase my dreams!  2010, here I come!


  1. John: Don't you love it when the days just seem to all melt together? Awesome stuff. Craigleith? Do you happen to know the Boone family? Erika and Mike and the girls?

  2. I love this picture!!! Happy New Year!