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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hah! There you go, old man winter!! you're not stopping me!!

Winter is here!  Holy crap, ever heard the expression 'freeze the balls of a brass monkey'?  Tonight was the night!  It was -18C(0F) with a nice solid north west wind(40 kmh)  off of the partially frozen bay!  Most people were driving their cars with all their clothes on and toques still pulled over their ears.  It is by far the coldest day of this winter and I had a run to do.
I talked to e friend on my way up and told him I was heading out for a short run.  His first reply was, 'you are nuts! Why the hell would you go out in that temperature?'  Well, the answer in my mind was clear!  I am going for my run.  
After my short rest this week I seen to have developed an absolute need to get back on track.  Not running today was not an option for the day.  I knew the weather was going to be foul for running so I got prepared, I went and did some shopping.  First idea on mind was a pair of good winter running socks. I got a pair of merino wool winter light running socks on the recommendation of the lady at the store.  The second idea was to a pair of YakTrax.  They are a wire bound thingy tool that you strap onto your shoes!  So, I had a very successful shopping trip, all the tools in hand!
When I got up to the ski cottage this afternoon I got my stuff on to go for my cool winter run.  It was a big day for layers to be ready to tackle to weather. I put on my new shocks and 2 base layers for my legs.  Seems warm enough for the bottom, now the top. ONe base layer compression top(from Lululemon and it rocks!) one mid layer with a fleece lining, one top layer to help stop the wind and one wind shell.  Cant forget my warmest hat possible to help for stopping myself from getting first bite!
As I headed out, the wind was at my back so it wasnt to cold on my face.  The first thing I noticed was my new foot gear.  My new merino socks were keeping my feet totally comfortable.  My YAKTRAX were awesome.  I instantly felt comfortable running on the snow and ice, my feet were not slipping at all as I ran down the icy road.  It is the first time running this winter that my back had not hurt while out for a snow run.  Although the wind was blowing strong, i warmed up fairly quickly.  The run out was comfortable, however when I turned the wind was in my face.  It was wicked cold.  I tried to pull my short up over my face to block the wind, it was a futile effort, shirts arent meant to be pulled up over your ears. So I ran along trying to block the wind with my hands.  At a couple of points I had to wrap my hands around my face to thaw it out a bit.   It was the coldest run I have ever had, but it was awesome!
Old man winter was not getting the best of me today!  I wanted to run and was  not going to miss it because old man winter was out!  I love running in the worst of conditions and today was on top of the scale.  Finishing the run is so much more pleasing than the easy days!  SO day 2 back at it and loving it.  Tomorrow is another great skiday.  It has been sowing all day today and it is freezing cold.  That translate into a crazy great snow day, might even get some powder to start the day.  Tomorrow night for some variety we are going to go out for a full moon snow shoe.   It will be a perfect nigh, it is supposed to be a clear night with no wind.  WIth all the new snow we have had the moon and the stars reflecting on them should make for an awesome night to be out walking through the forest.
I hope that you can enjoy some of the fun things you like to do this weekend! After all that what weekends are for!  
Cheers and happy training!  



  1. Good for you!! If you are dressed for it, running is okay...(just remember to cover your manbits, LOL).

    Have fun on the slopes....and have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great day for a run. No such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices!

  3. ...OK there is such thing as bad weather IFFFF your state is not prepared OR have snow removal equipment. Hell, our neighbors don't even own a shovel. We're the only one's on the block with a cleared walkway and we had to use a broom and gardening spade. I'll be riding inside today.

  4. yuck sounds like my weekend run! i wore my snowboarding gloves and they actually kept me warm... i'm sick of winter. seriously....blahh!

  5. OK everyone, lets lobby mother nature to stop the winter stuff!