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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cross training to the Max!

As it is off season and not time to be officially training, this weekend rocked! I have read all kinds of material that says that this is the time to mix it up, do things that relax you and bring a smile to your face. I can see the overall value of it, as 6 months of focused training will be taxing at times, I am certain of that. This weekend was an awesome weekend for cross training and a smile.
For all you non_winter types you might think it is nuts, but I am not that guy. Yesterday was the beginning of a 9 week camp that I am teaching. I have 3 groups of various abilities over 3 sessions on the weekend. This year I am lucky to have all advanced and strong technical skiing. There in is the cross training. At a balmy -15c, I was out for 6+ hours training in outstanding conditions. With cold weather I tend to ski a lot and talk on the lift. With the advanced skiers it means I can light it up as well, ski like a mad man to demonstrate what I am working on. Yesterday was out of this world conditions to pull it off. Over the day I probably got over 15000 vertical of skiing(for Ontario that is incredible). The day was sunny, so after a great day on snow I put on my gear and headed out for a short run. It was quite cold on the face, but I was ready for it unlike the prior blizzard I ran in. I did a little over 6k in snowy and wet roads. Although it was a great run, I find running in the snow tough on my lower back. I think in efforts of self preservation I tense my back to keep myself up. Oh well, nothing a hot tub when I got home did not fix.
Today was also cross training to the max! Another sunny day, although the wind was screaming at 40-50k making it frigid. But, the conditions were great and my group was also very keen. I spent the day skiing fast with a great effort by those who were with me. The afternoon was spent playing in the moguls which is one of my favorite places to ski.
It has been a long time since I have had sore legs from skiing. So, I can only believe that this weekend was an awesome cross training adventure as my legs are sore! Yahoo! If I could do all my I'm training on skis, I would be in Kona in no time. I am finishing the weekend with a good stretch to maximize the benefit of a great workout weekend! Happy Sunday and I hope you have a smile on your face! Cheers

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