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Saturday, January 23, 2010

OK! I accept skiing as cross training!

As always my weekend is spent on snow skiing like a crazy man and sharing my passion with others.  Today was a picture perfect day!  bright sunshine, wonderful smiles from everyone who looked at you, snow that was beyond amazing to ski on!  What a day!  I skied with the groups that I coached and was able to get them to push beyond limits they usually would never try.  I get such pleasure seeing the smile on peoples faces when they move outside of the box and are successful doing it!  I guess it is like a day in the pool for a previous non-swimmer guy!  The joy of victory, even the smallest is awesome!
I have struggled with the whole idea of not training on the weekends while I have been skiing.  Today, I put on a heart rate monitor to see what the result would be, does it actually equal a workout, or is it just another day sitting and burning calories.  Well, much to my pleasure it is a workout.  From 8:30AM to 3:00PM I burned 4100 calories.  I figure if I ran for 30-40 minutes after to day that I was training I could add another 600-700 to my total, but why?  My style of skiing is likely comparable to doing hills or sprints.  Although I m teaching/coaching I complete all of my demonstrations to the groups with a fierce passion and vigour.  I only n know how to show at 100%+ so that it is clear the result of what I am taking about.  I tend to finish lot of lessons with my clothes soaking wet from sweat, I actually bring a change of socks and shirts for lunch as some days I need to change.  I suppose it reflects my overall way of being, if you are going to do something, dont do it half way.  Put your heart into it, commit and do it properly!  Why go half way when you can go all the way!
That being said, my blog today is all about skiing and not a lot about training.  Although one is totally like the other!  I hope you did something today that brought a smile to your face and a memory you can enjoy!
Happy weekend!


  1. Uhm, yeah, totally training! You must have legs of steel. Your love of skiing is almost contagious. Almost. :-)

  2. even though i've never skied in my life, i can understand and totally appreciate the physiology behind it and would have to say that, YES, you are getting a hell of a workout...maybe not specific to tri training but cross training definitely keeps you fresh, mentally and physically. on our hill ride yesterday, i thought the same thing you wrote in your blog entry...what a picture perfect day and i had a smile on my face the entire time. have a great weekend!

  3. i'm a firm believer in skiing as cross training! it's wonderful, plus a nice little break from the swim/bike/run repeat swim/bike/run repeat. :)