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Monday, January 25, 2010

PLease support Ride to Conquer Cancer

Today's blog is less about training and more about reflection and helping others!  Sorry about the emotional  tone of this blog, but life is not always about smiling!

This week a very close friend lost his mother to cancer.  Her battle was one that has served as an inspiration to me and many of those who knew her.
Over 7 years ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia and started her treatment.  She was always a person who worked for others so that they could live comfortably and with the least amount of displeasure in their lives.  She worked tirelessly for charities and her family and friends to see that every day of their lives would be spent with a smile on their faces and a 'joie de vivre'.
 In the time that I knew her I  never once heard her utter a negative word or complaint about a thing.  She fought courageously and silently, she went into remission 3 times.  I am convinced to this day she beat the odds  because she had unfinished business , she was not done bringing joy to her family and her friends and enjoying the moments that we are so lucky to enjoy in life.
I am certain that my short story is not a stand alone.  We are all affected in one way or another by Cancer.  Our friends, families and many around us are affected every minute of every day.
In June of this summer, I have entered a charity double century ride to raise money for one of the worlds leading Cancer Research centers.  Princess Margaret Hospital.  I will be riding a double century ride in honor of a lady that should serve as a role model to all of us.  If it is raining, sleeting, if I get 10 flat tires, if I accidently put tiger balm on instead of chamois butter, I will not utter a word of complaint for any of the 200 miles or the run afterwards.  I will remember the years that Sandra fought silently so that others could be able to carry on with a happy day with no burden.
As I do this ride in honor of her and all the others who have and are fighting, please support Princess Margaret Hospital Ride to Conquer Cancer.  I have put a link on the top left of my page so that you can go and enter your donation directly.(tax receipt will be issued at time of entry)
Her family will be grateful, kids and moms and dads will love you for it, and hopefully in the future one of our family members will be spared the terrible battle.


In memory of Sandra Ryder MacDougall

1 comment:

  1. Amen.

    and it sounds as though Sandra is deserving of your dedication and your ride in her memory. I'm certain her family will and does appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Princess Margaret Hospital has seen a few of my friends pass through the doors and not return. Having grown up in the GTA, I know how wonderful the hospital is.

    Here's hoping you don't apply Tiger Balm....I'll look forward to reading about your accomplishments in Sandra's memory.

    Best Wishes