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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A good return to reality!

After a few days out of the office out on the ski hill, I came back to reality today!  WOW! I didn't miss it!  It serves as a great reminder to continue chasing my passions and dreams so that I dont have to rush home on a Thursday to of back to the office and deal with impatient and rushed people.  Coming back after being out working on the ski hill clearly shows why people have heart attacks!  So, if any of you would like to learn how to ski, give me a call.  I am a Level 3 certified instructor, Level 2 certified race coach, trained to teach in a terrain park and love to be out there sharing my passion!  Buy me a beer and I might even throw a 2 for 1 lesson deal!

In my return to reality I did get a great email today that confirms my passion for teaching and coaching to others.  I was informed that I am 'Instructor of the Week'!  Wahoo!  I get a free autographed sweat shirt from Olympian Brad Martin(another sweat shirt)  The best part of the recognition is knowing that my passion is recognized and appreciated!  Knowing that I am getting other people involved and passionate about the sport is a great reward for doing something that is so much fun for me!
Another fun thing about being back to the real world was getting in the pool today.  My schedule was mad, working to catch up on loose ends from the beginning of the week and getting organized for clinics this weekend.  Amongst the rush and chaos getting into the pool was a great outlet and opportunity to practice my swim.  Although the swim today was strictly lengths I was very happy with the feel in the water and my technique.  I only did 1600M, but in 26 minutes.  A great improvement from before the holiday.  I also did a few 100m to see where I am at.  I was doing them in 1:52-1:55  couple of weeks ago, today I was doing 1:38-1:40.  All the drill practice (totally irrelevant photo, but a lot of fun)seems to be paying off quickly. My goal is to continue with drills for the next 3-4 weeks before I get into my full program.
I also started my day today with a great yoga practice.  I have talked about yoga a few times and have to repeat it.  The hour spent is refreshing(eve though it is 38C in the room)  It provides and hour of focused mental training with the great benefit  of strength and flexibility built in.  As I get into my full training I am going to incorporate into my weekly program as I think it will benefit me all the way to the start line.  It is also great that the practice is led my a great instructor who makes certain that each individual in the room gets the maximum benefit.
With reality also comes some moments that are never fun to face.  This evening I went to visit my training partners mom in the hospital. She is facing the last few days with terminal cancer.  She has been an inspiration to me in the last few events that I have done.  When you see a friend fighting such a terrible and invasive disease it makes all my pains seem irrelevant.  She has been a fighter so that others around her would not have to endure any undue inconvenience.  When I am out on my Ironman journey and thinking that it is impossible, I will think of her and how I should suck it up and keep going.  My races this summer are in honour of her and all those who have suffered with cancer.  My thoughts are with her and I pray that she is comfortable and unbothered in there last few moment.  Bless you Sandy!

As I posted my Blog last night Sandy passed away peacefully in her sleep!  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends!


  1. Yes, reality checks sometimes suck!
    Congrats on the Instructor of the Week!! Thats fantastic :)
    Woah, you are fast in the pool ... hopefully I can work up to your level someday. Have fun with the yoga, I am thinking about giving it a shot after reading about how much Keith likes it and now you too. Maybe its a sign? :P

  2. VERY impressive gains in the pool