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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another wonderful weekend!

Sunday evening marks the end to another great weekend!(with the exception of the start, se attached photo)  The weekend would be classified as one intense weekend of nothing but cross training. I have to believe that the benefit is totally there, I certainly am tired at the end of the day!
On both days of this weekend, the skiing was amazing.  The weather was a little warmer expect this time of year but the snow conditions were out of this world.  I am a fast and aggressive skier, I ski with what might be considered the intensity of an Ironman.  The past 2 days were perfect days to ski that way, the snow was hard as rock, almost like skiing on a skating rink. When then snow is firm it is great for being able to turn your skis and build energy to send you flying down the hill.  each time I turned it was like a rocket on my skis sending me faster and harder down the hill.  When I get to the bottom, my heart is racing like I have just run a 100m dash at the hardest pace that I could hold, and my body is shaking for the massive adrenaline rush.  In weekends I teach skiing to share my passion for the sport with others, to have others feel comfortable on snow so that they push themselves.  This weekend was great, all my clients showed up with a hunger to ski fast and go hard, so together we were a great compliment to success.

The thing that I find though with weekends is that it makes training virtually impossible.  I am on snow at 8am and ski all day teaching.  I get off hill at 4 and some days only eat lunch when I am on a chairlift during a lesson.  Dont get me wrong, that is not a complaint, I teach skiing to see other people smile when they achieve a new high so it is pure pleasure.  When I am done, I am exhausted.  I struggle with not going for a run because I believe I should be out there building miles.  ALthough everyone says take time off season to do 'fun' things I cant get my head around not pushing it.  Come early March I am packing up my skis for the season to focus, so I suppose until then I should go with it and love the fact that weekends give me the opportunity to do what I love.
This week is going to be a lot of fun.  I am working at a skicross Worldcup ski event. I am a course crew chief which provides me the opportunity to see the event as close as you can get.  This event is great as it is the last Worldcup event before the Olympics, there are 23 countries and 110 athletes.  The results of this event will confirm the official teams that will participate in the Olympics.  It should be a truly entertaining 3 days being on snow next to the worlds leading athletes.
Every time I stop and look at how good my weekend was it brings a smile to my face.  I am privileged to be able to be out on weekends enjoying the outdoors, spending time with great friends.  It is a privilege to be healthy and live the life I do!  Tp my friends who are reading this, thank a ton, you have all made it more fun!  Cheers!


  1. I need a ski wish I was closer. I LOVE it, I also SUCK at it but it's funnnnn! Can't wait for the Olympics.

  2. I seriously have to believe that 8 hours of skiing constitutes some HUGE miles!

  3. John
    Sking for so long must be great for IM training.
    Glad you had a great weekend.