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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blub! Blub!

That is how my swim practice felt last night!  Very bizarre considering how great I felt just before the holidays.  I did my pratice last night 100% off of the clock, my main intent was to praticce technique.  Following the clinic that I completed in December I have relaized the importance of how much the techincal will help my swim overall.  The past 2 months I have spent little time on technical(10 of pool time max) and most of the time bilding distance.  As I head into the stretch before I start nmy official IM program I am going to put a heavier focua on technical so that I start off correct.
As I got into the pool last night I did 10 x 25m warm up with 10 s rest.  When I was doing them I felt like I was flying, teh bottom of the pool was miving far faster than before.   As I contmiued with drills I felt most of them progress well with an ease that I had not experienced in the past.  Then I thought I would do some 200m repearts to finish off.  The first 100m was strong, then the second it felt like someone was pulling me back.(with no colck I can not confirm) but it did feel like hell!  I was struggling to keep up my forma nd pace and simply feeling like I was struggling the entire time.  luckily I am a big believer in  teh time that I have put in to date and will chalk this one up to getting abck at it!  I am not going to lose sleep as I know over the next few weeks and months I am going to kick some butt in the pool and back into open water!
I did intend to finish my workout in the pool with some resistance training!  Oops!  Ended up meeting some friends and going for some beers instead.  Again, I am not ging to sweat it.  I know come March I will be craving the moments to do nothing, and at that time it will not be a choice in my scheduel.  So for now, a beer here, a missed workout there, I'll say I am paying it forward!
One big accomplishement last night was a frame of mind.  I have set some goals for 2010 and I am strengthening my resolve to get them done.  I had a discussion with a great friend last night who is teh only person I have shared this with.  He knows me better than anyone and agrees with what I am doing!   As the year moves forward I am sure I will share what I am chasing as it turns into reality! 
As I have been known to say or preach,  "Livin' the Dream"  or as my RoadID says 'Live for your Dreams'  Off to go and influence my destiny!
Cheers and Happy training!

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