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Thursday, January 7, 2010

another day, another great workout!

Today was swim day and Yoga day!

I love yoga as it is both physically beneficial as well as a great mental and spiritual training session.  Boo!  I  missed it this morning!  I am a person who can usually take any kind of stress and let it roll off my back and move forward.  I can come home, forget about it and have an easy night sleep without any further thought.  Last night was different.  I have a couple of large projects that are ongoing and last night they hung in my head and came back to bite me every 20-30 minutes.  As the night went on I became more frustrated at the fact that I could not relax and put it away for the night so that kept me up as well!  Boo!  I slept 20 minutes at a time for the whole night. In between the naps I was awake for 20-30 minutes stewing over the ridiculous issues that I could do nothing about at that time of night!  So, I woke up at 5AM to go for a short run and yoga and decided that a little sleep was more beneficial.  Good but bad!  I dont like skipping workouts, however, lack of sleep will get me down the road.  Oh well!  I guess I will get over it and have lots of time to get workouts in.  :)  I did get my problems solved as the day went on and now it all seems insignificant, a lesson learned!  It isnt heart surgery, next time I wont worry about it until I can solve it and it will get done!  No more skipping workouts because of stress induced lack of sleep!
This afternoon I did have an awesome swim!  As suggested earlier I plan on doing at least 50% drills in the pool for the next while.  Todays workout was 2300m with at least 1800m being drills.  I find that when I do drill workouts and then put some distance in, I can feel it being easier in the water.  Today was no exception.  I did start somewhat hesitantly, I was beginning to feel some small aches as a result of last nights weights.  As the workout moved forward I felt better and better after each length.  When I am doing drills I dont time myself, it takes the passive stress out of the workout.  The only clock I focus  on is my rest stops.  I am very strict on following my rest and use it as a good guide as I progress in my practice.  I am still loving the pool, even after my workout on Tuesday where I felt like I was sinking to the bottom.  I am confident that by the time my training comes along, I will be prepared for the hard workouts and able to push through them for maximum benefit!
I spent some time talking today with a co-worker who has completed 4 IM's.  Although I dont work for a huge company, we have offices across Canada so you dont actually meet everyone you work with.  Today I took the time to call him to introduce myself and hear about his experiences.  It was a great talk. He has done IMCA, IMLP x 2 and IMWI once.  His hardest race was Wisconsin which he shared with me.  I enjoy hearing of all experiences, good or bad.  This one happened to be bad as he crashed on his bike and ran a 6 hours marathon.  But, there is something to be learned from every race and my discussion with him was nothing less than educational!
Time to go for some dinner and then enjoy a little hottub time!   Cheers!


  1. J, no one can get the water shots like you. Another good one. I had the same problem last night. Cogeco billed my an extra $205 and I couldn't deal with it until the morning. I had to get out of the zone and do what you said "tell myself not to worry about it until the morning". The only reason I stewed was because Cogeco has done stuff like this before and it's always been a "let me speak to your manager" conversation. Not fun.

    I'm glad things worked out for you today and your right, sleep is more important.

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