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Monday, January 4, 2010

Away we go!!!

Today was a rest day as I get myself organized to start to hit it hard!!

I spent the evening putting my resistance training program put together so that I can get started in an organized fashion on my weight training.  I now have some method to my madness as I begin to add resistance to my training.  I am excited about this new element to my training.  In the past I have responded very well to this type of routine, I am hoping the result will continue.  As I begin to study my upcoming training program(starts in March) resistance training is a very important part of what I will be doing.  By getting started now I should have a good base established and be able to continue without the initial shock of the impending pain of doing weights.
I also spent the evening getting my home gym space in order.  I am a visual person and wanted to create an environment that is conducive to working out while using my most effective methods of both motivation as well as training tools.  In order to do this, I put up a cork wall.  Yep, from the ground to the ceiling I now have a giant bulletin board to post my latest and greatest ideas, tools and tips.  This will be a great way to be able to look at a glance and make certain that I am following my routine as well as using it to post some variety and motivation to keep me moving forward.  While setting up the gym space I also scouted out the space I need to set up my new trainer that I am getting at the end of this week.  I am getting a Tack Fortius trainer with VR.  This should be awesome to motivate me while I am riding as I will be pushing through an actual course as well as having the trainer talking back to me by automatically changing the resistance.
I also sent time this evening planning my races for 2010.  Most of the races will be 'events' for me.  I am doing them to get into the race environment and to work on making sure that I dont get all race horny and think that I can go like a mad man(I am not going to KONA so I need to take it easy) I often need to remind my self to slow down!!  The only race that I am going to 'light it up' is the sprint tri.  Now that I have trained for a while, i want to see what I can do on the course!
Although today was not a training day, I have accomplished a ton that is going to help me get to the start and the finish as well.  I am quite excited to get started now that I have a little logic about what I am doing.  In the necxt couple of days I am going to continue to plan out teh next couple of months.  Although I am not 'training', with work during teh week and teaching ski camps on teh weekend, I need the structure to keep me going!
I hope that I can keep this 'buzz' moving forward.  Time to go and get some Zzz, cheers!

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