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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is next....

I am enjoying the rest time, it is giving me an opportunity to reflect and catch up with myself a little.  A couple of days ago at dinner, I felt exhausted and could not figure out why??  After a little thought about the last few months I figured it out!
Since April I have been quite busy and I did not actually reflect to see how much I was doing during that time.  Looking back I was training 6 days a week as well as coaching within that time, working a day job for part of it.  I guess I never stopped a whole bunch to enjoy what was going on.  This week has been a great time to do stop and smell the roses, it is quite fun!
As I spent time reflecting on my summer and the amazing fun that I had training and getting ready I realized a little more about the journey.  Although a big part of the training was planned, the true spirit and fun in the adventure was not.  It was a matter of 'what is next...'
As I spent my time sim, bike and running it took my mind out of the regular day to day that we can all get caught in.  As I spent a lot of time in that space it created a new perspective for me.  One that was more free of the worrying about the future and more about focusing on the now and what I could change in the moment.  In setting my mind that way, the 'what is next....' allowed a lot of new things to happen.  Rather than being caught up in the what am I going to do tomorrow, I was able to be where I was in the moment.  Truly being there and not in tomorrow or next week.  That allowed me to see and hear new opportunities that I have been missing all along.
Along the way I met new friends, did new things and had a lot of fun.  So next time you are sitting at home wondering how to solve the worlds problems that will occur next week, STOP.
Walk outside, enjoy the colors, smell the roses and be thankful for how amazing right now is!  If we all do that a little more, we may find that we are all bumping into new opportunities that we did not know existed yesterday because we were already caught in tomorrow!
If what I am saying doesn't make sense, you need to try it, It works!
Have an amazing night!


  1. It is so true that training changes your perspective on a lot of things. Definitely helped me be in the moment like you said.

    I have been enjoying the colors a lot lately!!

  2. Great! I always have a goal of staying in the moment. I'm the person who comes home from teh most perfect day or trip and says what are we going to do tomorrow? What?!? Why can't we just enjoy today!

  3. Too true, smell the roses today and have some fun. :)

  4. This comes and goes as a major blocker for me. Where are your feet (here) and what time is it (now) need to be in the here and now more and more....

  5. nicely put, john. I may borrow a couple of lines from the post. Enjoy the unwinding