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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The excitement builds....

Another awesome day! 
It is very entertaining around here!  In the winter I spend most of my weekends at ski hills.  At the hills there are all kinds of people showing off where they have been, what gear they have and how good they look at the event.  Well, the ski world has nothing on the tri world!  WOW!  There are more people walking around here with 6 event pieces of clothing at one time pushing a crazy ass new bike with Zipp wheels and aero helmets.  If it was my fisrt event ever, I would think that I have arrived at teh world championships.  Hmmm!  I guess there are a lot of posers, because theer are more than 1100 first time IM competitors here this weekend.  It is an awesome scene, tons of people all jacked up on this athlete cocaine IM stuff, walking aorund proud as peacocks!  It is stuff they could make movies of!
Today was a lot about getting some small things done and working on staying relaxed.  I slept until 8AM and then had a casual breakfast to get started.  After some good food, off to the water to get a little swim in.  On the way down I decided to stop by the expo to get some toys for a couple of friends who have supported this game.  It was nuts with people.  Thank goodness I got here early to register.  The line up was out the door around the corner down the bend!  I dont know how long it was going to take but happy I was not in it.  One common thing with it is the shit ass grin on every face in the line up.  Everyone looks like they are on cloud nine!  Great stuff!
Arriving at the water was a schock.  Great scene with a bunch of addicts putting on rubber suits to get in for a swim.  The waves were huge, Lake Ontario kind of waves, 2-3 feet and rough.  Oh well!  No problems, the swim was rough  but my state of mind was great for swimming it.  I had a great short swim enjoying getting trahsed around, all the people around me seemed to be enjoying it as well.  A blast all aroud.
Then a bike course review tour waws in order.  Apparenlty a lot of us decided to do that as there were a ton of vehicles around the route.  I am totally pleased to have been here in June to be on the course, it was a great opporttunitiy to see the course is challenging but very doable.  A great short tour but very well worth the drive.
Than the athlete dinner.  Imagine, like I siad before they pump something in the bair around here, it is a bunch of addicts walking around. Imagine a room with 2000+ of them with the people who support them in the habit as well as the others who oare the pushers giving them more of the drug!  It is an lectric experience.  Getting to be amongst so many people sharing a common dream and vision.  People like me who mushed, trainied, sacrificaed, ate and did their all for a year to be here this weekend!  It is awesome to share with so many people without saying a word.  It is once again proof that all dreams can be realized, we just need to get rid of the stories we make to stop of us from getting there!
Bed time was a relaxing time for teh day.  Although I am not going nuts with tension, stopping for the day is great.  I am reading Born to Run which is an awesome read at this stage in teh game, getting me into an even better zone and space. 
Looking forward to tomorrow, 24 hours and counting, the excitement, the protocal and things to be done.
Yes, it is show time!!!!  364 days of absolute pleasure coming to one gigantic 12-17 hour climax!  Look out Wisconsin I am coming! WAHOO!


  1. It is easy to walk around, proud as a peacock, showing off the gear, BEFORE the race. Let's see how they do AFTER, when it counts. Have a great race day!

  2. Showtime! more "mushing" ahead! haha

  3. Go get 'em! I hope it's a fantastic experience for you.