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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Single digits!

It's go time!  Down to single digits until race day.  After a long awesome journey, tons of experiences and finally feeling tired, it is almost time to go to the line!  WAHOO!  Other than the day I got married, I can't remember a journey and a day that has been so much fun and that I am looking forward to like this one.  As I look back at the day I registered it seems like yesterday, but at the same time a thousand years away.  It has been one huge trip!
I brought my bike in to ENDURO SPORT today for a last drive train inspection and go over.  Once again they have proven themselves to be an awesome bike shop!  They went over and above with service and suggestions to make sure that my A race is an A race.  I am considering wheels in the future and they spent an hour talking to me about the various options (which they have a ton of) and why one vs. the other.  I also asked about a couple of different gear options and they were straight up and honest with me.  Likely saving me $100 in the process and cost them a small sale.  If you are in Toronto and into tri or bikes, go and see them.  If you are visiting Toronto, it is worth the visit to the store, more bike and tri porn in one place than a person should enjoy! Thanks guys and girls at Enduro!  I will be doing my race in Zipp 404's. I figured if I am doing the race I may as well go all out, I have had a good riding season and this can only add to it.  I hope the win isnt screaming that day or it could be a bit of an adventure.
Training today was a short bike ride.   I did 35k at a quick pace getting my HR into zone 3 for the ride.  It felt good, even while riding into the wind. I purposely kept it short and low intensity as it is time to do that. I also am going to do a short ride tomorrow as I want to make sure that the bike is in perfect working order after its little tune up!
Tonight was a very short run, again to keep the legs turning and not to blow up in the heat!  The start of the run was slower than usual but I have been going for a few days now.  I know that getting off my feet after the brick on Saturday my legs are going to become the best damn running legs I have had in my entire life!  I am confident that they will still hurt late in the race, but also confident that they will bring me to the finish line to a cold drink and my family and friends.  I have a deal with them to rest for a few days after the race, so they have agreed with the terms set out above.
Another great part of my evening was yoga training.  As I have finished the teacher training I am now working on becoming a better leader.  I am part of a program that is dedicated to that process.  Tonight was the first meeting with the group and the mentor that I am working with.  It is going to be a great process and will allow me to share with others one of the parts of my training that I have found very helpful.  It is great to be amongst some of the best at the practice to help me become the best at it as well.
Overall a great day on every front!  Loving life, loving where I am and feeling damn lucky to be here!  Hope your day kicked as as well!  Cheers!


  1. I just got my Volunteer email..I'm at the Bike Aid Station in Mt Horeb. I just looked on the map I think it's almost halfway in the loop? Its on 8th Street just before CtyRd. S.(on the IM site map) A little bummed Ill miss the swim start as my shift is from 7am to Noon, but will allow me to head over to the run course in the afternoon.

  2. You're going to have a great day! I'll be thinking about you and wishing you well. Not sure I'll be able to watch but will try.

    And Toronto, who wants to visit Trawna if they get a choice about it? Just yanking your chain, I used to live there once upon a long time ago.

  3. OMG!! So close. I can't wait to stalk you! You are going to do awesome! You have me convinced to begin incorporating yoga into my routine BTW.

  4. Bring on the hard taper! So cool that your race is so close.

  5. Man, I'm getting excited for you. If I didn't have heavy training, I would consider going to WI to watch you. 404's wow, those are GREAT WHEELS. Love your attittude, I feel you're readiness.


  6. Good luck at IMOO!! Have fun out there, it's a beautiful part of the state (despite the hills!)

  7. 404s nice wheels, you'll go like the wind! :)

    Great training day for keeping loose and comfortable in the heat. You sound ready for the big day!

  8. agree with the general comment about 404's. I have to confess I am a bit envious... on the good sense : ) you are gonna rock on those ones!