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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am a number now, not a name!

Yes!  I it is true, I am happy to say that for once I am happy to be a number and not a name!  1350, that is me one week from now as I swim, bike and run through the city of Madison, Wisconsin and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it!  I am thinking that is going to be my new lucky number!  So if you want to get into my house, or use my bank card you know what the code will be now!  LOL
As things get closer one of my only thoughts has been about water temperature at the race.  I have done decent swimming this summer, however I am not so keen on doing an IM swim without a wetsuit at this point.  A few weeks ago the water was getting quite warm and trending towards 80 degrees. That would mean that the wetsuit option would be a no go!  That would suck, but, whatever it is, it is! as the race can deal anything any time. I did look at the water temperature today and it is going down quick, it is in the low 70 as of today.  So, my problem seems to be solved, I will be wearing a wetsuit!
One thing that I have been very realistic about is being prepared for anything.  This summer when I was doing my yoga training, the cardinal rule was to be prepared for anything.  Being that way allowed you to get to an event and not feel like it is some kind of surprise that you are not ready for and subsequently get frustrated about it!  Show up prepared for all eventualities and you are then prepared to do your best.  Trying to be in control of something you can not control is an exercise in futility!!!   The weather!!  So amy people are losing sleep about what the weather is going to be in 6 days!  get over it!  the overpaid weather man does not know, your mom does not know, the baker does not know!  Mother Nature does not know until she wakes up in the morning and decides, and she might still change her mind.  I can control what I bring to the race to be prepared for the eventuality but I cant control the weather. So, all you people who are losing sleep about what the weather is going to be a week from now, STOP!  Get ready for what it could be and you will have a lot more space in your head to deal with more important things at this point! Sorry, that is my pre IM rant and first time race advice!  I'm over it now!
Today was a light day in the taper front.  I did an hour run at a low HR, and it felt good.  OK, towards the end I did run a little faster just to get some cobwebs out and see how it felt.  Felt good, but I did not let myself get caught up in it at all!  I did do the run very relaxed and let it flow.  It was very cool today as I was running.  I spent some time visualizing the race course and seeing myself running past landmarks that I recall from being there this summer.  It brought a smile to my face knowing that I regardless of how I feel, I know I can conquer the course!
The rest of the week will be a lot about the same experiences, not pushing myself to hurt but pushing my mental limits to the finish.  Spending time visualizing the course and being there, good and hard moments and moving forward past them regardless!
This journey is only getting better as it gets closer!  I hope you have had an awesome weekend so far and are planning on having an even better time on our extra day tomorrow!
Cheers  and thank you!


  1. Anything with a 13 in it is lucky in my books. Great OMEN and can I borrow your bank card. Don't worry, I'll figure out the code. hahaha.


  2. OK 1350, looking forward to seeing how it goes. Your enthusiasm is infectious, thank you for that.

  3. Enjoy your taper week, can't believe it's only 5 days now!

  4. I always obsess about the weather for big races. You're right--get over it and be prepared for whatever the day will bring!

  5. Enjoy the taper! Rest and mental focus, physically you are ready to roll. Good luck!

  6. Hope the taper is going well Mr 1350. You can't control the weather right? You are trained and ready to go whatever happens with the weather will be nothing more than the intro to the story you'll tell!

  7. Enjoy the taper week!! WOW you have a number now!! Yeah 1350!! You are so ready for this!! Remember to relax and enjoy the day!! You are going to ROCK it. Also, if you want, I can hold your bank card for you if you would like. :) ha ha

  8. Definitely don't waste time obsessing over the weather... instead, spend that time thinking about what you'll need to do differently for each weather scenario.

    Here is my unsolicited IM tip if you will be wearing a 2-piece tri suit/ensemble: Put sunscreen on your lower back where the top/bottom pieces meet, even if they seem to always overlap. The bottom part of my top flipped up a little on one side (probably when I was grabbing Gu's?) and after 6.5 hours on the bike, I have a horrible (second-degree?) sliver of sunburn there. Ouch.

    Enjoy your taper! It sounds like you're ready!!! Honestly, I'm jealous and wish I was doing this all over again right now :)