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Friday, September 3, 2010

OK! it is time to taper!

Here goes!  the next 8 days seems like I am going to be lazy!  what only 3-4 hours on the weekend?  what will I do with myself?  I am looking forward to it, but I know it will probably get old quick.  It is crazy to think I have become accustomed to doing 15-20 per week of training and liking it!
Yesterday was a swim workout with a few 100-200m repeats.  Rather than go and try and set a record, I took it easy and loosened up.  I spent a good deal of the practice doing drafting drills to build confidence in doing that.  I also focused on a relaxed long stroke, quite the same as I want to be focused on in IM. The entire practice was only about 2000m and very comfortable.  I enjoyed the relaxed and confident feel of the swim.  It was great heading to the pool.  As I was walking in to the Y, I felt a relaxed confidence about my swim.  I have not really felt that way  lot, I have not been nervous but also not feeling like I did yesterday!
Last night I added in a LULU run and did a quick 5k.  It was a fun run that I did with a girl that I have not seen in 25 years.  We went to high school together and I coached her skiing many years ago.  She was my younger sisters best friend throughout high school.  She is an awesome runner!  We did 5k at a 4:50 pace, she barely seemed to break a sweat.  She is training for Boston this year which will be her 3rd time, aiming towards her PB of 3:27.  The run was fun and relaxing although quick.  It was a good confidence builder for me though, feeling strong throughout the run.  It did set full taper in motion for me.  The rest of this week and weekend training will be at a slow and relaxed pace, almost no effort!
I picked up my bike yesterday and was able to being it out for a short test spin with the new wheels.  Hmmm!  Not enough of a ride to go fast and truly see what they are like but enough to get a taste.  I don't know about you, the placebo affect is in play here as well!  The sound of the wheels alone makes me feel fast!  and when you ride by pedestrians and they look at you like you are riding a space ship because you are in aero position and have these freaky wheel thingy's, you cant help but feel like you are flying!
After a great day training and playing we had a couple of friends over for dinner. I thought I should put on my best for the guest, so squeezed into my compression socks to get some relief.  Apparently, even though the guests are runners and triahtlete they did not agree with the look.  My buddy Hugh who is doing Wisconsin with me was one of them.  So, I have told him that it will actually be what I will be wearing for the days leading up to the race while in Wisconsin, so he should get used to it.  They do feel awesome though!
Today os an off day which I am looking forward to!  A massage this afternoon and some time with wifey and doggie tonight!  There is some kind of dog nights of summer event at city hall tonight, so Karma gets to go out on the town!  Woof!  She is napping right now in anticipation of a crazy time!
Happy training and happy weekend!


  1. Nooooooooooooooooo. I don't want to see a picture of you, or anyone for that matter, in compression socks. It's a fashion "don't". Okay, at home but don't take pictures, you'll live to regret it. haha.

    Have a good taper.


  2. It might be the shorts more than the socks throwing off the look. But it's bold so I say keep rolling with it.

    I know what you mean about a taper, it feels unnatural to slow down...

  3. Nice pic - you look like a champion in waiting!

  4. I looked closer at the picture and all I saw was the bottles of wines in the background. Just in case that you ever decide to give up on drinking I'd gladly help you to get rid of all that wine. Ha-ha

    I got to agree with Hugh and Bryan on this one: compression socks are so uncool. But I am glad that they work for you.

    Nice Zipp wheels. Next year I might buy a similar pair of wheels, too.

  5. Almost a week away… talk about right around the corner!
    I think I will have to get into the compression sock business. I mean compressions socks may be great, but they are so boring! They need some spunk! But those shorts... LOVE THEM!
    Oh! And for the record, sanity is SO over rated! ;)

  6. Just saw your comments over at Dereks blog & thought I'd stop by and wish you good luck. 8 days....OMG! 1st one?

    Oh - and I see nothing wrong with the compression sock look at all! Or the zipp look either for that matter. It shows you're hardcore!

  7. Good looking! (the wheels that is!)
    have a good taper you have logged mack daddy training you got it

  8. Compression socks are the athlete's dirty secret. You are a brave man taking a photo of you in a pair of them.
    I LOVE the look of those zipps!

  9. John
    Wow, when Bryan said in one of his posts that you look lean I didn't realize this lean.
    You have lost a lot of weight but you look great and I know you will kick butt.

    Enjoy the Taper although it's not always easy. As you said you have so much time and don't know what to do.

    Don't listen to B, wear, enjoy and show those C shocks, haha