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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back on the Earth and getting caught up!

It has been an amazing week!

As can be imagined a week of enjoying the completion of IRONMAN and getting caught up with life in general.  It is a different way of being without having to complete workouts on a schedule and being able to carry on at my leisure rather than a strict schedule. Kind of enjoyed the time, however I am starting to feel lazy not working out as much.
This week I looked back at my summer and how wonderful it has been.  I reached a lot of new highs over the course of the months leading up to IRONMAN.  It was a bonus not working over the summer as it allowed me the privilege of getting a lot of little things taken care of.  Mostly it allowed me to realign priorities and realize what I truly want to be doing.  The greatest thing is, in the process I discovered that I can do them.  I have several things that I have always thought would be great to accomplish in life.  As cool as I thought they were, in my heart and head did not believe that I would truly get them done.  NOT NOW!  The time allowed me the freedom to realize that anything that I want I can accomplish and that the obstacles along the way are merely a way of me learning more about where I am going to end up.  It is a great feeling setting goals and knowing regardless of how lofty they are that the only thing stopping me is me.  Instead of making up stories for myself to tell others about why I can't do something, I have learned to stop wasting time and getting it done!
This week was also a good return to reality.  I started work on Wednesday of this week. I guess I was just like a school kid this summer, and the time to get back to the structure had to come.  I am enjoying the challenge and the opportunity of this new job, it is going to push me into a new mental space as it is a super technical sales process.  As well, the potential is there to build the financial platform I need to realize my future goals, to be a leader in my industry brings home some good bacon.  And I tend not to want to be at the back of the pack, so this is a great time for me.  A chance to do something that is both challenging and rewarding, heck it is like training for an event!
Although it was a 'lazy week' I did get a couple of short workouts in.  I ran a couple of days and felt very strong doing it.  As much as I wanted to get out more, I figured that a week of decent rest is only going to serve to make me stronger in the long run.  I am going to do a couple of fall running races, but they are being done to support friends and clients that I have had the privilege of training to get to these races. So I am not feeling any big pressure to be out training like a mad man.  I am putting together my training for the next year as I enjoy this rest.  IRONMAN Canada is one of my goal races next summer, I am aslo very keen on getting my Boston qualify time.  That is going to require some hard work early in the season.  I want to make sure that I go in rested, but also a lot stronger than I started this years training.  I am looking forward to the next year and seeing what potential is held inside of me and how far I can push the envelope to check that out.  I also want to continue to bring others along on the ride with me.  Challenging others to not allow themselves to think they cant!  Training with them and for them to pass the finsh line!!
It is going to be an awesome year and I am looking forward to it!  After this season and event, it is going to be huge!


  1. Well if a summer off had to come to end (though it sounds like working again is fine too), nothing like I dunno, an Ironman? to cap it of. I think that's awesome.

  2. Yes--do take it easy this fall so that you can ramp up again in winter. You deserve this rest and your body will thank you next season!

  3. Still amazing - I love how the clock is still ticking from Wisconsin!

  4. Enjoy your rest after the IM John! I definitely enjoyed mine, a little bit too much though :-).

    Qualifying to Boston is a goal of mine, too. I’d love to train together with you for the extra motivation, too bad that I live in the east side of the GTA. Maybe we can challenge each other using an Internet training log. I think that has some free tools for this.

  5. Great post. Isn't it great how after doing an Ironman, nothing else really seems that daunting or intimidating anymore?

    Good luck with the run training! I'm hoping to BQ at the Chicago Marathon in a few weeks. I need to take a big chunk of time off my previous marathon PR though, so we'll see.

    Love how you already started the counter for IM Canada!

  6. Love this! I would also love to BQ too! It is on the list for sure. You have had such an awesome summer, I love how you just re-set you IM clock!! Rest up, regroup, and keep that awesome positive attitude!

  7. J, enjoy the down time you deserve it. Good luck with the new job, I'm sure you'll do great.