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Monday, September 6, 2010

Enough with the pool!!

Today was a good training day, fit for a long weekend!  Being Labor day and a holiday it was only appropriate that it was an easy workout! The schedule for the day was for some pool time and an easy 2500-3000m swim. At this point I am enjoying the easy and not busting myself to try and go fast.  The pool was awesome today, nobody was there, virtually empty.  WAhoo!
I ended up with about 2500m of easy stroke and HR1 kind of swim.  It was a super relaxing swim and felt quick and like I was sliding through the water.  I will say it was a great way to finish up in the pool.  The posted photos are where I am at today in the water.  A long way from struggling to stay in the water without drowning.  All you techie swimmer types, take a look and please provide some feedback as to what I might change based on what you see.  I have less than 12 months to make the changes before my next IM, so I need to get started soon.  :)
Today was also a great day to be on the spectator side of the world.  Lululemon has a cheer station set up for a local half marathon.  I joined them in the spirit crowd and went out to cheer the runners as they raced down the streets of Oakville.  It is great being on the other side of the spectrum once in a while.   I love watching a cheering as much as I like being part of the race so it was a good day overall!
Another great part of the day was being able to practice and teach one of my areas of passion.  I started teaching a private client yoga today.  They are my first one on one private teaching commitment since I finished training.  It was a very entertaining session with them.  They are athletes and are very eager to enjoy the benefits of the practice and learn and grow with me.  It was a 1 hour session that stretched into 1.5 hours as we were all very relaxed and entertained as we worked our way through the session.  Over the next 10 weeks they will gain a great insight into the practice, gain a lot of new strength and flexibility and have a lot of fun!  If you are in teh Toronto area and are interested in yog in your home, let me know!  I am keen to teach and my rates are really good(too cheap) right now.
I hope that you day off has been a blast and that you made the full use of it!  Did you relax?  Did you sweat?  Did you psuh yourself to a new limit?  If not get out there, the day is not over yet!  Cheers!


  1. Very nice way to wind down the IM taper! I did my first swim today since IM last weekend and was surprised at how quickly I got tired in the water.

  2. Those pics are awesome!
    ...And a lulu cheering station? What event do I have to sign up get cheered by this group?

  3. Im looking forward to this weekend, excited to be down in Madison for the race! go #1350!

    great swim photos!


  4. Very cool swim photos! You look very relaxed!

  5. Go get 'em this week! You're going to be a huge success out there no matter what. The work is done- go enjoy the day!!

  6. Love the photos. You look very relaxed and have a nice catch happening.

  7. Good plan to improve your swim over the next 12 months! :) Have a great race!

  8. That looks so refreshing! I really need to hit the pool again soon! It is very odd being on the cheering end of a race - but it is fun!

  9. you so relaxed in the photo. It won't take you a lot to improve your swim. from an amateur techie point of view I'd prefer to see you elbow a couple of inches higher and the core doing a bit more of an effort in keeping your chest from bending under the water. lf you're standing it should be like pushing your abs to make you bum stick out. Nothing out of the ordinary, we all have it.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and all the best. I'm back reading and writing so we'll be in touch

  10. I agree with Valen. An easy way to get your body more streamlined is to look at the bottom of the pool, not where you are going. Even in an open water swim, you want to be looking down (for the divers) at least half the time, maybe more. Then sight in between strokes. If you really want to improve your stroke get a video done. Once you get over being horrified, it's a great tool. HAve a great time at the race, it will be like nothing else you've ever done!