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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inspire to Inspire!

Patrick wrote a great post on inspiration today, yesterday I wrote a on my Facebook page, "Be inspired to be your best and you will inspire those around you!  it is awesome!'   Being inspired is part of the food of life!
I had one of the most wonderful experiences in my mind yesterday when I was visiting a store.  Yep, I am going to tell you about it!
When I was at the store there was some issues with the billing being processed.  While I was waiting 2-3 people reviewed it trying to solve the problem.  After a while one of the staff came up to confirm that I was John, she then apologized and said that the invoice would be no charge.  I was extremely grateful for the level of service that they provided and the nature in handling the problem.  Then the girl asked, 'are you John Fortin the Lululemon ambassador?"
"Yes" I answered.
Her reply, " You are amazing, I have been following your blog and I am inspired by what you do and what the Lululemon ambassador community does.  You just did an IRONMAN didn't you! that is amazing"
I sat listening to her very dumbfounded, never having been greeted in such a complimentary and grateful manner by someone.
She continued on to say how great she thinks the Lululemon community is and how they provide a great opportunity for people to get involved at a non competitive level in sports they may not otherwise try.  She was totally complimentary of every person she has encountered in the stores and community for the inspiration and motivation that they provide.
It was the most incredible thing to be called out for a service that I do out of love for a sport.  Hearing someone say that to me makes me even more driven to do my best in the sport and for myself every day. It is also an inspiration to continue to do what I do in hopes that I might inspire others to get out and do something new as well.  I have never done any of the Lulu activities or any other activity in hopes of being recognized for it, it is because I love the sport and love to share my passion.  Thank you to the girl in the store for inspiring me to push myself to new levels and to bring friends and family along with me for the ride.  I am loving being able to get others involved and was paid the greatest compliment ever in this surprise thank you!
From a training front I have been coasting for the last couple of days.  I have done some 5k runs at a relaxed pace,  working to allow myself to recover fully.  I am quite happy at relaxing a bit right now, a couple of days ago I was struggling but, NO!  I have a lot of work ahead and I want to go into it rested, strong and excited.  Training for the sake of training is not going to get me anywhere productive.  Tomorrow I am running a 1/2 marathon with people I have trainined, however it is a 100% support run for them.  I will be out carrying warmup clothes, pushing them forward and watching them be amazing reaching a goal they have set.  I am quite excited about getting out to be with them.  It is a true inspiration for me to see others smile when they cross a finish line and know that they have accomplished the, 'I cant do that moment'
On a fun note I went out last night and got my badge of IRONMAN honor!  My tattoo!  My pal Hugh who I trained with for the entire year came out with me as well.  He bought me mine as a birthday gift and set the appointment to go and get it done.  I was quite happy to be going.  It means I cant swim for a couple of weeks but it is a good reason to rest!  I spent a little time figuring out what I was going to do.  I am registered for IMCA next year and want to recognize that after it is done.  SO the tattoo had to allow for it.  I also wanted to do the swim, bike run thingy as part of it.  I looked around the internet and came up with a great one.  I have another tattoo done a couple of years ago.  In my memory it was an easy one, no hurt while I was getting it done.  Not this one!  It is on hte back of my leg and I guess the muscle must have more nerves, it hurt like hell at times while he was doing it.  But, now not only am I an IRONMAN, I am one  who carries my medal with me everyday!  Wahoo!
An awesome week done, a exciting weekend of activities ahead and a lifetime of accomplishment to follow!  WOW, this is a cool thing!  Get on the ride, try something you think is crazy and the worst that can happen is it doesn't work.  You learn something new and you move forward to the next!  Cheers!


  1. Love that you are giving back tomorrow at the 1/2. Great tattoo as well, after going through IM training and a race I'm sure your pain management and coping skills where such that you didn't feel a thing...

  2. That's great on both counts--the giving back and the tattoo! Good job.

  3. Great post! I like the tattoo, very nice. Are you running the Scotiabank half tomorrow?

  4. I admit I was having trouble focusing on the inspiration part of your post and then I got REALLY distracted by the tat so I'll have to come back and really read this later!

    The tattoo looks sweet! Love the swim bike run....IF i ever get one (right now I"m saying no) I want a similar swim bike run along the outter edge of my foot.

  5. Amazing story John! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm definitely going to be passing it on to the rest of our online community team.

    I also loved the quote "Be inspired to be your best and you will inspire those around you!"
    Is this your own musing? I think we are going to have to share that us one of our updates for sure. Are you on twitter? If so, shoot us an email at so we can tag you in it!

    Good luck for your race tomorrow.
    lululemon Online Community

  6. Nice Tattoo John!

    What a fantastic day, having such positive feedback from someone that you'd just met...the feel good factor must be high :)

    So, when are you going to be offering coaching advice for Tri?

    Have great fun in the off season, and you have chosen a great race for your next one. I've cycled the course, a few years back granted, great fun and very...scenic ;)

  7. Watching you start and establish your involvement with Lululemon has been an inspiration! Or is that guilt that I am not doing anything similar? haha

    Nice TAT!


  8. Awesome tat!! I can't wait to get mine! Have a fabulous offseason. I know what you mean about just training to train isn't going to get you anywhere...I am right there! I have only been a week with no scheduled training, and I am kind of a mess. ha

  9. that's soo cool.. you're like a famous guy now. and not any guy and IRONMAN!. Good on you!