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Saturday, October 2, 2010

1-2-3- GO!

OK!  Rest time is over!  Enough of the sitting around, time to be an athlete and get a hurt on again! Even though I am out of the pool for another week to let tattoo heal and 'resting' my ITB, its time to get moving!
I have been out for a few short runs, 5k at decent pace to start to ease back into things.  I am going to try some longer stuff this week and then it is time for a fast ramp up for a marathon in early November.  I am going to do it to see where I am at, NO, I am not racing it. Some people don't get what I mean when I am going to run it without racing.
As I have been building my run for IM I have made some big strides in speed.  I ran a full(Boston, on someone else's bib) and had a good run without any training.  This time I have been training but not specifically for the event so I want to determine where my fitness has brought me without crippling myself. Essentially I am going to treat it as a hard long run to see where I finish it, then I know what I need to do over the following months.  I am hoping to finish it decently so that I can do a rounded program over the fall rather than have to d speed work the entire season. I do know whatever I am up to, my plan is to make it hurt!
I did all my IM training with very little hurt and gained some strength and made some changes.  Now, I have to shirt gears a little and try to build more.  My current plan barring having to spend all my time doing speed will be to combine run, swim and weights until Christmas.  I want to build much more strength overall than where I currently am.  I would ideally like to see if I can gain a few pounds of muscle mass heading into the winter.  As spring comes around and I go into big training for an attempt at BQ I will need as much as I can have to start as it will be a punishing time of training.  I am looking forward to seeing what this part of this adventure provides.
I hope that your weekend is amazing and that you are in the throws of a great off season cold beer!  I think I might go enjoy myself!
Thank you for all your replies and comments over the year, I am putting each and every one of them in my Blurb book that I am preparing as a reminder of my IM Wisconsin adventure!


  1. I think you will BQ no problem, you are so disciplined and dedicated, and have an obvious passion for the sport!
    Are you running the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon in Nov.?

  2. So cool you are doing the Blurb book. Thats the only reason I actually started the blog after seeing what Brybrarobry was able to accomplish. Love your training plans


  3. What do you need for your BQ? 3:10? Speedy boy if so! Hope it all works out for you.

  4. S, I wil be at around the bay! running for the sake of seeing how I manage time wise! I have a 3:20 time to get to so a long road of training ahead!