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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am still here!

Hope everyone in the tri and running world is awesome!  Thank you all for awesome support!
I am working frantically on my race report and hope to have it done tomorrow.  As I can only do my first IRONMAN one time I need to capture it properly so that I can have it on paper to look back on in 10 years!
Let me just say that 3 days later I am still surfing on the wave, way to hell up there and loving the energy and feeling of it!  I am still totally full of the IM and tri drug and cant wait to get back at it.
Today my legs are feeling a little stiff, moving around has helped out a lot.  I kept busy today as I start work tomorrow, I was out and about sharing the adventure with some close friends!
As a start here are my numbers from the day.  Let me start by saying that I exceeded my expectations of my self in a wonderful way.  I also learnt that I have a lot more in me.
Here is the little stuff before the race report novel coming up soon!

Again, thanks to all of you for awesome support!

Finish Time:   12:02:31

Swim           1:11:04
T1                10:05
Bike             5:46:32
19.76 mph
19.41 mph
18.89 mph
T2                 6:03
Run              4:48:49
9:43 min/mile
10:42 min/mile
12:09 min/mile
11:30 min/mile

615 out of 2389 finishers
110 out 399 in age category

Totally proud to be an IRONMAN!

I am going to learn how to run and see what I can pull off next time!    


  1. That is so totally awesome. I had been hanging to hear how it all went. Can't wait to read all the itty bitty details.

  2. Yup...we're waiting patiently. Enjoy the high....

  3. John-
    Great Race!!!! It was so great seeing you inside the ropes last Sunday. You simply rocked that thing. I cant beleive how strong you looked on the bike, and how smooth you looked running. It was really special for me to get to see you come down the stretch after following your journey since Feb. Way to Go!!

    Im so sorry I lost those pics,...I had great ones of you at mile 11 and 25 of the looked great. But I'm glad I got to see it!
    Congrats again

  4. Such great splits! I'm glad you are enjoying the moment.

  5. Yay! So glad to hear you're still riding the Ironman high!

    You did awesome, especially for your first one! Top third (almost top quarter) in your AG is super impressive!

    Can't wait for the full report.

  6. Man did you kick butt! can't wait to read the report!

  7. Good to here that you are still here, great race result, you are doing good.

  8. Congratulations on your stellar performance! Here's to many more IMs in the future!

  9. can hardly wait for the race report. Congrats on getting the job.


  10. Amazing race, congratulations on those times! :)

  11. Congrats John on finishing your first IM. Can't wait, too, to read your report.