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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How smart am I?

Yep, some times I wonder how smart I am?  Yeah, I have done some smart things in my day.  Yep, I have done some dumb things as well! I can't quite figure out if I am smart or dumb on this one.  More on that later!
Today was a good day on the training front.  yesterday, I discovered that the pool at the Y is closed until the 12th of September.  I checked my program and it did not seem to know that the pool was closed and it suggested that I had a practice.  SO today I went to another Y for a taper swim practice.  The swim was an interesting practice for taper.  It was 4000m in 5x800m intervals.  It felt quite good, I was able to get into a rhythm and swim strong for the whole practice.  I focused on taking it easy and not trying to go hard.  Keeping form and continuing to improve on it was my focus.  I think that was one of the smarter things that I did today.  Overall I felt great after the practice.
Overall I actually felt better than I am feeling overall.  As I am doing this last week of work, I am feeling a little tired.  My calves actually feel like they are pregnant.  Compression socks are my great friend right now, helping to keep the part tucked in and rebuilding.  After swimming tonight I had a fast 5k run with the LULU group.  Although tired legs were on my mind I did a great fast run.  The distance was done entirely under 5min/k in the heat and humidity.  I am pleased that it was not much longer as I was able to knock a good run out.  Running smart, running that fast,  hmmmmm?!  verdict out still!
Smart or Dumb?  Yep, usually in life when you make a decision to do something big you want to look at experiences and evaluate the potential pitfalls of making that decision.  Even though you may not have a dirct prior experience, you reflect on other things that you have done that may be similar and base a decision on that.  When I signed up for IMWI I looked back at things that I had done and made a call based on best logic.  Completing the race is going to be one of the greatest things I have enjoyed.  I will have learned a lot from it and will take it forward with me for a long time.  A great lesson to be learned in a few days, I know some of it may be tough but all of it worth it.   On Monday afternoon, I thought about my upcoming IM race a lot, what would it be like?  will it hurt?  what will be the hardest part?  should I sign up for another IM before finishing my first one?  YES!   I signed up for IMCA 2011 on Monday before finishing the first one that I signed up for!!!  How smart am I?  Still don't know, but I do know that I am going to Penticton next summer for IM part deux!


  1. I totally applaud you on your courage. Sounds like something I would do. I know this Ironman that you have lined up in 10 days will be done with a grin from ear to ear. And you will conquer it.

  2. Only smart people have the intelligence to question whether or not they are being dumb. So you are smart.

  3. great news!
    that means a helluva new inspiring posts!

  4. Wow! Very Brave! People often speak of reaching for goals and chasing a passion, smart people achieve those goals and passions - good for you Mr. smarty pants!

  5. I am sure your last handful of miles you will be telling yourself how stupid you are for even considering doing another, BUT then a few days later you will be ecstatic about the fact you get to do it again and, who knows, learn from this journey (and share all your pointers with the rest of us!). Are you smart? Yea! You signed up before you could 1) chicken out (like that is going to happen) and 2) before if sold out!
    I couldn’t help but laugh at this post… three years ago I signed up to do the Goofy Challenge in Disney World (1/2 marathon on Saturday and full marathon on Sunday) and my running buddy pointed out that I hadn’t even completed a full marathon yet, what made me think I would be able to do that many miles in one weekend! By the time that weekend came around I had three marathons under my belt!!! If you don’t dream big you aren’t going to get anywhere!

  6. Smart move, definitely John. My next big goal is to qualify to Clearwater, otherwise I'd have signed for IMC, too. Ironman Canada is one of the best Ironmans out there and I am sure that you'll have a great time.

  7. Great choice! that venue sounds incredible...why not sign up for your 2nd before doing your first? I mean you had never done one before you signed up for the first right? it's kind of the same thing....or is it? haha

  8. You are very smart because it's really about the journey, race day is just icing (painful icing?). I am excited to follow you on IMWI!!

  9. SMART -- yay for signing up for a 2nd IM before doing your first! I'm sure you will love it and be totally pumped after IM WI to do another one! I'm already excited to do another one after IM LOU, but I think I'm going to hold off until 2012 and take next year to focus on building more strength/power in Oly/HIM distances.

    To answer a few of your questions above based on my experience on Sunday:

    will it hurt? --> yes, you will hurt at some point. I'm not going to sugar coat that :) Stay focused on thinking about how great it will feel when you cross the finish line!

    what will be the hardest part? --> from my experience on Sunday, the hardest part is a toss-up between the last ~10 miles of the bike or the last 3 miles of the run. Actually, miles 23-25.5ish of the run. Once I heard/saw the finish line, I forgot all about my sore, tired legs and stopped shuffling along and somehow found the energy to really step up the pace to the finish.

  10. WOW! General consensus amongst all the smart people is that I am smart! You guys are all awesome and I look forward to accomplishing this journey and getting onto the next one real soon! Wahoo!

  11. super cool - I'm very excited for you!

  12. just got my Volunteer email..I'm at the Bike Aid Station in Mt Horeb. I just looked on the map I think it's almost halfway in the loop? Its on 8th Street just before Cty road S.(on the IM site map) After my shift I am going to head over to the run course.

    Ill be looking for #1350!
    good omen for you ...that is a great number Training Payne will very much approve of it once he finds out:)

  13. Two things. I think what you did was smart. And thanks for saving me the gas to find out the pool was closed. haha