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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With every good thing comes reality!

To this point I have been healthy and had no real set backs in my training.  Luckily no injuries as I have been methodical about how I am doing things and respected what my body is telling me.  And, luckily up to this point I have not been sick, up to this point I said!
After an awesome weekend with great training it has got me!  ON Sunday while swimming and running I had a headache the whole time.  I could feel myself getting stuffed up a little, but I was not going to pass on the chance to be on the course.  As we finished up the training day the headache stuck around.  Yesterday I was exhausted and felt like I had been hit by a truck.  So, I did what I have not done yet in my training?! I took yesterday as my rest day so that I could get more rest and avoid the cold that has been trying to get me for a few days.(I am not skipping the workout as I am going to do it on friday which is listed as a rest day)  It seems to have been a success as today I was a little tired but able to get back at it.This week is my  recovery week, as this week is done I go into high gear and the training kicks it up a few notches!  I am looking forward to rocking the next few weeks and going through the intensity of the training that is ahead of me.  I am actually happy to have had this short cold now as it ideally means that I wont get it over the next few weeks.
Today's workout was an easy day.  A 35k bike ride at HR2-3 with some single leg drills and a couple of short hill intervals.  It was a great workout!  Although it was short I am feeling that the training I have been doing is coming into my rides.  This past weekend as I was riding I actually could feel the benefit of the training, the ride was one that I know will pay off as I move forward.  I suppose that is why I am looking forward to the next few weeks as I know it will build my strength towards an ideally successful race day!  back to the workout, it was short and intense and my HR spoke and told me that the cold is not sitting there waiting to attack.  I kept my HR in Zone 1 and low 2 the entire workout which is hard to do and is no where near what I was at on the weekend.  I finished the first half of the ride with an easy T-run which also felt great.  I rode to the LULULEMON store and did my club run with the store as my T-run.  It works well as I am able to stay at a low HR  zone for the run and enjoy running with the people at the store who are working towards a goal with me.  I guess it is the best of both worlds.  After the run, I jumped back on my bike and completed a great workout.
With 74 days to go to the start line, I must say that the journey is still one of a lifetime!  After being in Madison this weekend I have to day that the rest of the journey is even more exciting.  I have had a taste of what the town is like, what the course will be.  Now, I just need the adrenaline of the start cannon to get me going!  Wahhoooo!  The ride is getting better every day!


  1. Good thing the possible cold onset wasnt week of IM! great decisions and training...

  2. I am so glad everything is going well. Thank goodness the cold didn't stick around for too long. It's a good sign that you are physically fit and fought it off. YAY

  3. The cold is just telling you that you are a little tired, but good for you to push through. Wow, just think, you'll be heading into taper madness in no time!

  4. Glad the cold didn't hit you too badly. Keep up the great work.

  5. Way to take it in stride. Keep focused and keep listening to your body, you are doing great.

  6. Obscene amounts of Vitamin C work. Kiwi fruit :)

    Listen to your body it seems to have been right so far!