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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OK, maybe I am feeling the start of IM training?!

Day 2 of my current relaxed life was another productive one.  I was able to plant a few seeds and get some more 'house keeping' managed.  I am using the time to its best.  The other cool thing is the ability to train a little more mentally rested, not having to rush around all day and then get to to my practice and finish all the other chores makes life a whole lot easier.  I am going to enjoy it while it is here, it sure would be awesome to be able to play around like this for a year.  I wonder what kind of results you could pull off given the opportunity to do it?  Maybe one day!
Today was another great day on the training front.  It is one of the first days where I can say I am feeling the volume I put in on the weekend.  Yesterday was not a tough day with a good swim, I find the water to be a recovery workout as long as is not an AT workout.  Today was not swimming, not at all.  It was a AT bike workout with a ton of high cadence, big gear, spinning and digging.  Within a short time on the bike I could feel my legs, not the kind of feel that is normal up to this point in my training.  My program said that as I head into these weeks there would be a lot of workouts done under some sore and tired conditions.  I think that I started it a few days early by doing the ride this weekend.  Oh well!  Like I have been inspired by all the people that I read about and am inspired by, SUCK IT UP!  So, I cranked away for my 70 minute workout with 36km, average HR of 140 and a lot of grimacing!  Today was the first time that I did the single leg drills on my bike on the road.  What a great thing to do.  You can fake it a lot when you do them on the trainer as you tend to not feel the imbalance as much, on the road it glares at you instantly!  So, I moved through the workout and followed with the single leg exercise.  Overall the bike was tough, but I have to day that I love the grind!
As I was riding I was wondering what the T run would be like with the heavy legs, HMmmmm, potentially was going to be a disaster.  So as soon as I got my bike in the garage I put on my shoes and hit the road. I brought the dog with me today to make me run a little more controlled and slower.  My T-run was much better than imagined.  I limited it to 20 minutes as I had another run to do later in the evening. The transition to running was great with no real problem getting the legs going.  And the lead I was feeling on the ride seemed to be no issue as I moved along the road.  I was very happy with the overall brick, and as we have all heard a million times, no pain, no gain!
Tonight was also as great run with the LULU gang.  Most of the people I am running with are training for a 1/2 marathon in the fall.  We are doing 7-8k for our runs currently and I am spending some time with them helping them towards the overall goal they want to achieve.  It is a great run for me and I enjoy helping lead the runners towards their goals.  From day one running with the LULU gang I have had a great time and it is a great part to have in my training. I look forward to seeing the runners reach their goals in the fall!
I hope your day was awesome and your training is going to the top of the scales!


  1. Nice ride J. I like the one legged exercise. I need to try those. keep up the good work. You're blowing me away.


  2. Great training and way to SIU! also love those bonus Lulu runs. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my run this weekend was remembering your
    Boston 6 weeks ago or so...

  3. Dog: Now I've warmed up your slippers, can I get back to my bone?

    I love bricks, I know weird, they make me run faster than normal. Sounds like you just had a similar experience of brick as fun rather than hell! :)

  4. Love the dog picture! Great training, single legged exercises - I am going to have to try that out!

  5. never thougth of doing single leg on the road, you are a ballsy one, WELL DONE!