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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boys and Toys

Today was like Christmas for me, I got new toys today!  I am like a kid(or a man) when I get new things.  I need to try them out right away and make sure they are as cool as they seem.
The first of the toys are my new Rudy Project prescription sunglasses.  They rock!  I wear glasses and have been using contacts during most sports.  They work great for the first while, then the sweat gets into the eyes and they get twisted around and eventually become a pain in the butt.  So, these glasses are an awesome change.  I have tried Rx sunglasses in the past and have had limited success in the past.  Usually with a wrap around type of glass there is distortion.  If you are looking straight ahead they work, but as soon as you need to look to the side it makes you feel like you are drunk, eventually they lead to a headache.  Rudy's new technology seems to have nailed that problem down.  I rode and ran with them and have had no issues at all.  They are super light, UV protection and have not distortion whichever was I look through them.  I have a challenging prescription and they have addressed it and made a lens that is exact, actually better than my regular glasses.  Needless to say, I am pumped with these as they allow me to see without the problems of contacts getting twisted around and uncomfortable as the races get tougher.  If you are looking for a pair of Rx sunglasses or just a regular sunglass, try these guys out, they do a great job.  You can go to  Rudy Project Gear for sunglasses or to Rudy Rx Sunglasses.  You wont be disappointed!
Toy #2!  Less practical, but a lot of fun!  A Flip Video camera.  My wife gets some benefits at work, this was one of them.  Her company owns the company so she brought one home today.  It is great, simple and takes great video.  Simply put a battery in it, press record and your done.  Then to download to computer, plug in the integrated USB and BOOM!  It is done.  Just like that.  It is not super high quality video, but for a big price of $149. you get a great quality picture in a package the size of a deck of cards. If you are looking for a cheap video camera to record some fun moments, this one is great.  (you can get a water tight box to 30 feet as well)  It will be a great toy at races to record the fun moments that go along with the event.  Check it out here, Flip Video.
After all the toys I did manage to get a decent couple of workouts today.  The first was in the water.  A fin workout that made me smile.  The main part of the workout was a ladder, 50, 150, 250, 350, 450, 350, 250, 150, 50.  It was a great swim and I enjoyed getting into a good groove.  It brought a smile to my face as the it was doing ladders that helped me get my miles up in swimming.  Only 9 months ago my ladder consisted of 25, 50, 100, 50 ,25.  And that was one big struggle, I would barely be able to get it complete without swallowing a few gallons of the sweet chlorinated pool water.  Smiling while swimming seemed to make the practice go by quicker.    The 3500m swim was great and I managed it in 1h15m.
Tonight was my run clinic and the fun starts for the people who joined me for the evening.  We are a few weeks into the clinic and tonight was time for some hills!  It was not bad with 3 repeats of a decent hill, done to start the build.  They all rocked it, they danced over the hill for all the repeats and then finished the run with a negative split.  I guess i was to easy tonight, next week I will have to make it hurt a little more.  Overall a great workout with a great committed group!
I hope your day was awesome as well, new toys, great workouts and a smile to make it complete!
Happy Canada Day!


  1. Love the flip. Great quality. Nice job in the pool.

  2. great swim!, and great shades, you're looking more and more like a pro, be careful on race day!, : )

  3. Happy Canada Day John! I got a Flip HD as a work perk about 6 months ago and LOVE it. My favorite part is that you can make pictures with it. So instead of having to carry a camera and video recorder, you just use the Flip. The pictures from the oly tri I did back in May were taken off of the flip videos my husband took throughout the race.
    You are rocking it in the pool mister. I'm going to the Ironman store on Saturday to buy flippers. Can't wait!

  4. Great swim, toys and training!

  5. Now we're expecting video, so get working!

  6. Love the sunnies. They look sweet. As for your swim session, great work. Thats a great ladder.