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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now that was a swim!

Today's practice was certainly one that took things up a notch.  It was labelled as anaerobic swim workout, and that it was that all the way!   I have done a couple of others labelled the same, but they were a bit of a stroll in the park compared to this.
The total swim was 3700m with 2000 of the practice being sprints.  It had an easy warm up focused on technique and kicking and then into the good stuff.
8x 100 at 85% effort with 15s rest  HR3
8 x 100 at 90% effort with 10s rest  high HR3
4 x 100 at 95% effort with 5s rest HR4
So, the first 8 were a cake walk, I felt strong as I swam without compromising technique.  The 15s rest was a great rest and I was able to get at it no problem.
The next 8 were 50% good!  The first 4 repeats were strong and then it started to get a little tougher.  I focused on trying to keep form and was able for the most part to hold it together fairly decently.  As soon as I started to falter I refocused and got it back on track.  The last 4 of the  set were tough with 4 more gruelling ones to come.  I managed to keep pace throughout the whole thing and not slow down because of cardio.
The last 4 were nasty!  I timed the 2nd of the repeats to see if I was able to hold it together after 17 hard repeats getting harder each time with shorter recovery.  I managed a 1:40 with a good struggle, I had to push myself to get it done and was sucking wind when I got to the end.  But, I got it done!  
I have to say I enjoyed the cool down part of this workout. But as hard as it was, it was likely one of the best workouts that I have had!  I have not looked forward at my workouts to see when I get to do another like it, it was not the kind that you want to look forward to!
Awesome workout day and another day of Living the Dream!  Cheers!


  1. Those repeats can really test you physically and mentally JF. Great work sticking to it and not "mailing it in"! Cheers!

  2. That is a fantastically excellent swim session.

  3. Great work on those repeats, you rcked the session! :)

  4. Awesome repeats, fantastic swim session!

  5. loooved that set! well done!. you're slowly becoming a swim devil.