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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another busy day!

This whole idea of having 8 extra hours seems to give me little more free time than I felt I had before!  It is great though!
I spent the early part of my day evaluating what I have done and where I want to go to.  I looked at my goals and balanced where I am and the reality of where I want to get to.  That is a great process to go through and I find it quite refreshing to look at it from a 'free' perspective.  Looking at it when you have the time and can draw the map the way you would like to in order to reach your priorities is great!  The early part of my day was an awesome success doing this.
As I got past this productive part, it was time to get into the garage and do some bike maintenance.  I love doing that stuff!  I set up my bike stand and managed to get 4 bikes addressed over 3 hours.    This past weekend it was raining a little during the ride which left bikes in a state of 'not nice'.  So being able to address them with detailed time and focus was awesome.  I actually had a tooth brush out able to spend time cleaning springs in the detailers and getting to the tight spots to make sure all was back in tip top shape.  It has been a while since I have done that without having to pay someone else to do that for me.  Another awesome part of free time!
Today was a great swim day.  I feel like i have made some strides in the past while on the swim.  The only place that I have made any changes is in the head position in the water.  All I can say is that I feel like I am moving through easier than before. when I am doing my workouts, I am able to bilateral far easier than before and I am doing it a lot more relaxed than earlier.  Today was an AT practice which is usually quite tough. No exception today with a tough ladder to complete mixed in with a whole lot of kicking.  As I have spent a lot of time kicking I am ow starting to feel the benefits of it.  Wether it is kick drills or part of my freestyle I feel that I am benefiting from the kick.  Don't get me wrong the kick drills are still a nasty part of the swim, but loving what it is helping with.  I did see Laura who told me about head position in the water today, I thanked her a ton  and told her than I felt it had helped me.  Shortly after she headed off the wall for a swim. I followed her and was able to draft her today, not like last week when she dropped me like a bad smell!  It was a great feeling to know that something new is working.  Next time in the water I am going to time a 100 and see where I am at.  As always a great swim!
Tonight was week 2 of the ROGA session I am leading.  I have a new group out this session with all of them wanting to so a 1/2 marathon as a goal.  They are all supper motivated and very enthusiastic in working towards the start line.  It is a blast to run with them.  Tonight we did a little over 6k at a good steady pace with all of them strong from start to finish.  And even though all of them have a big party on Saturday, they are all coming out on Sunday for a long run with me.  I am going to start my run with them and add on another 1.5 hours after we are done.  Great to see that they have great enthusiasm and are willing to come out after a good party night.  I am looking forward to coaching the entire group to the start line!
Another fun part of my day was the post run clean up.  I have been working to lose fat and get my weight to where I would like to be at race time.  As I am doing it, it had become entertaining to weigh in after workouts to see where I am at(I don't use this as my proper weigh in stat)  Over time I have chuckled at t how much I can  lose over a workout.   Today was truly entertaining!  One year ago I started this process at 223lbs.  Today I weighed in a 179.5.  I feel stronger and healthier than ever and I am loving the journey.  I can't wait to see what my current schedule brings to me as I continue to train and enjoy this challenge!  All I can say is WAHOO!


  1. Great job J. 179.5 wow, that's fantastic. Just one tip, if I can be so bold, don't use the toothbrush you used cleaning your bike. haha.


  2. Great job! a touch under 180! wow is right from one year ago